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Tonight in Columbus: The Entrance Band

The Entrance Band Rule.

So do Brainbow.

See you there.

Through the Roof premiere at Gateway Theatre, featuring music from Brainbow

From the Through the Roof website

In January of 2010, the C.H.E.K Institute teamed up with the Challenged Athletes Foundation, Overstock.com and many other key sponsors to help assist the first female paraplegic athlete to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. On Sunday, January 31st, 2010, at approximately 5:30 PM, Erica Davis, a paraplegic since 2005, along with Tara Butcher, an amputee below the left-knee, reached the summit.

This successful project is designed to bring awareness to the capabilities of Challenged Athletes everywhere in that anyone can accomplish anything and everything they put their minds to. The preparation and climb were filmed by Captured Life Productions to be compiled into a documentary entitled Through the Roof, to be released in late Spring 2010.

It’s late spring now, and Donewaiting faves and fantastic motherfuckers Brainbow have music featured in the film and said film is premiering at the Gateway on Saturday. If you’re not going to Nelsonville, go to this, then go to Skully’s for the after-party where Brainbow, Main Street Gospel and EYE will rock your face off.

Shit’s gonna be through the roof maaaaan.

Saturday in Columbus: Brainbow@Carabar

Brainbow Brainbow Brainbow


For after Off the Grid at Wex

Also The Backup is playing.


Wednesday in Columbus: The Entrance Band

The psych rock tour de force that is The Entrance Band brings its brand of dirty, loud psychedelia to The Summit on Wednesday night (yes, that’s A Perfect Circle’s Paz Lenchantin on the far right). Brooklyn band Lights(they make me think of a psychedelic School of Seven Bells) and local dudes Brainbow open.

The Entrance Band killed last time they were through. What else is there to do on a Wednesday night?


8pm doors
Brainbow 9pm
Lights 10pm
The Entrance Band 11pm

Check out The Entrance Band’s video for “Lookout” after the thingie Continue reading

Thursday @ The Summit: Pelican / Black Cobra / Disappear / Brainbow

I always find instrumental rock hard to describe. If Sunny Day Real Estate’s Jeremy Enigk fronted Pelican, I’d say their style lends itself to the emo genre. Likewise, if the Deftones Chino Moreno lent his screaming pipes to this four piece, I’d be inclined to call them a post-metal band (or something like that). It wasn’t until track 7 (“Final Breath”) of Pelican’s latest album, What We All Come to Need, that everything fell into place for me and I was finally able to categorize Pelican’s music (at least in my own head).

Featuring guest vocals by Allen Epley (Shiner, The Life and Times), “Final Breath” swims in the same alternative space/rock pool as the since-departed Failure did back in the mid-to-late ’90s. I have a feeling that if Epley or Ken Andrews (Failure) fronted Pelican full time, they’d quickly become one of my favorite bands.

Pelican’s one and only Ohio show takes place Thursday night in Columbus at The Summit. But wait, there’s more. For $13 not only do you get a performance by Pelican, but we’ll throw in sets by metal kids Black Cobra, the post-hardcore Boston band Disappearer, and Columbus’s very own favorite instrumental band Brainbow. You won’t find a better deal in town on Thursday night.

Brainbow – 9:30
Disappear – 10:15
Black Cobra – 11
Pelican – 12

The Lindsay – Syrup Bag


MP3: Nothin’ to Lose

Dragged Out, the 2006 debut album from Columbus’ The Lindsay, remains one of my all-time favorite Columbus releases. Unfortunately, due to the death of their label and, I don’t know, real life, the foursome has been unable to issue an official followup over the last three years. Though this has obviously been a disappointment to their fans, the band has soldiered on and used that time to become one of the top live acts in town while also sharpening their material on the live stage. The band is now able to reward the vigilant for their patience by issuing a new EP entitled Syrup Bag.

Syrup Bag is a 7-song ball of energy that includes versions of “Change My Oil” and “Thurston Moore Sed” that have been reworked since their previous appearance on the 2007 cdr Live At The Fillmore West. As soon as the intro to opener “It’s Not Easy” ends, the music rings with an emotional intensity that lasts throughout the EP’s 23 minutes. The band uses this fire to cover a relatively large range of moods for seven songs, boisterously bouncing from anger to cheeky contentment relatively easily. Despite all of these shifting elements, the material also displays a sharp focus on crafting a cohesive batch of scrappy bursts of song.

Lead vocalist John Olexovitch guides the ship with sharp wit and self-deprecating humor to spare, whether describing band communication problems (“Band Meeting”) or telling jaunty tales of the rock ‘n roll struggle (“Nothin’ To Lose”). The rest of the quartet carries their weight just fine though, with a tight rhythm section, chewy lead guitar parts, and backing/duet vocals courtesy of bassist Gretchen Tepper that follow Olexovitch’s lead perfectly.

Syrup Bag comes into existence with a release party at The Summit on Friday night (10/23). Besides the title attraction, the bill also boasts sets from fellow local stalwarts Brainbow and Outerspacist. More details here. Serious party for an album worth celebrating.

Weakened Wrap-up #17: America’s Next Top Blogger

Pictured: Built to Spill@The Newport

Bloggers/journalists are the worst thing. Oh man. i mean do you really think anything you have to say is more important than the thing I’m in the middle of? Like I give a fuck bout your website. I was in the middle of something important before you oh so kindly interjected. Maybe there was a reason your interview requests weren’t granted. Fuuuuuck.

Oh hey how’s it going? I’m feeling better thanks for asking. I meant to do this last week but after going to see that “Paranormal Activity” pos@Studio 35 and purchasing Them Crooked Vulture tickets upon arriving home, I awoke on Tuesday morning feeling as though I was hit by a Mac truck. That being said, I had no motivation to do anything so I decided to neatly(weakly) wrap up two weeks of shows at one go. I’m talkin Built to Spill, ipps, Buffalo Killers, Brainbow, The Lindsay, Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Jemina Pearl and some website that makes Cringe look like Pitchfork. You know what to do. Continue reading

Major Bobby

YouTube Preview Image

You may know Bobby Silver from some band Brainbow or whatever they’re called. One thing you may not know is that he is an aspiring nunchuk olympic champion. Also, he does badass interpretative nunchuk routines. This is one of those routines set to Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor. I give it a 10. At least.

If you’re lucky you can catch Bobby Silver and the Terrible Boobs Friday night at Skylab as part of Aaron Hibbs of Sword Heaven‘s world record breaking 120 hour hula hoop marathon. There may also be impromptu imperative nunchuk action throughout the course of the weekend.

Weakened Wrap-up #15: 99 Problems but a Blog Ain’t One

Pictured: CDR Company Picnic

Whatever…if money grew on trees I would be a money tree farmer. So I pretty much don’t have much of an opening rant so I’m going to take this opportunity to plug the gay little website that my gay little brother is part of. It’s called find Fred and it’s basically a gay eharmony/myspace/facebook/adultfriendfinder. Feel free to become a member and/or tell your friends because the sooner he starts getting money, the sooner he can start giving it to me. Also, my brother from another mother and his wife just opened up a baby boutique in Clintonville called Lottie Da so go buy stuff from them if you aren’t gonna try to find Fred.

Oh man i did some runnin’. I bet you can’t wait to hear about it. There was Dungen, Dude Locker Fest, The Entrance Band, CDRBQVI and Mr. Dibbs and a whole buncha crap happened or something. More crap crap crap after the jump jump jump! Continue reading

Tonight in Columbus: Benco Presents Dungen/WOODS/Brainbow @ The Summit

MP3: Samtidigt by Dungen

Brainbow is dreamy

WOODS is freaky

Dungen is Swedish

The Summit is a bar

Benco is presenting and anticipating an early sell-out

Tickets are $12

Poster by Will Fugman