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Weakened Wrap-up #12: Comfest Edition

Pictured: Brainbow w/Lara Yazvac@Comfest

Oh man Comfest...or something like that. Basically there are a number of ways to go about Comfest. You can camp out somewhere in the park on a blanket, go check out bands with “clever” band names, wander around aimlessly running into people you know and drink booze and eat food and not pay attention to any bands, or you can hang out at the Offramp Stage all weekend like I pretty much did and watch bands that you know will be good.

How many times can you say the same things about the same bands? Find out after the jump! Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #11: This Blog Has Gone to Heaven

Pictured: Twinkie Wiener Sandwich@Hillbilly Drive-In.

HAHAHA JK!!! I’m gonna keep it up until Duffy stops paying me HAHAHA

I guess I’ve finally recovered from/managed to totally repress the Rock on the Range debacle enough to move on with my life and regurgitate more of my feeble thoughts into words for all you super awesome, totally amazing jerks to read. I think I’m scarred for life. I mean more scarred. Whatever.

This account of events that I observed actually occurred only over the weekend because I’m too poor to drink at bars every night…Duffy, is that expense check really in the mail? Continue reading

Flotation Walls: Nature


MP3: Willis the Fireman by Flotation Walls

Flotation Walls, lead in one version or another by Carlos Avendaño, have been haunting the Columbus music scene for what seems like nearly a decade. During those years there have been flourishes of activity and long periods of apparent dormancy. But one thing we’ve been missing throughout is a proper full length from these guys. So to say that the release of the Nature LP tomorrow at Skully’s has been a long time coming is no exaggeration.

I mean, with all the talk and speculation and legitimate anticipation surrounding a release date and the subsequent passage of those dates, this record is pretty much Columbus’s Chinese Democracy. Really- after the release of a nugget or two in 2003, people were pissed when this thing was delayed until December of 2004. The Chinese Democracy comparison is mostly for the sake of humor, but it has its utility too. In both cases, the elapsed time between conception and delivery was used by the respective captains to tweak, add to, and retool the contents and production in an effort to produce a grandiose master work. To a degree both Carlos and Axl have, in striving for an epic album, managed a certain amount of success and at times to overdo it as well. The analogy begins to break down when looking at the final product though, as the triumph versus try-too-hard ratio clearly favors the Flotation Walls. Continue reading

Weakened Wrap-up #8: You Don’t Love Me, You Just Love My Bloggystyle

Pictured: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart@The Summit

Doing stuff and meeting people rules. Life is too short to not make the most of it. Expect the worst, hope for the best and you’re never disappointed. I mean basically what I’m saying is cheers to life and OH MAN I SURE DID DO STUFF AND MEET PEOPLE THIS WEEK.

I attended that Black Keys mess at Skullys, saw Brainbow at The Treehouse, Franz Ferdinand at The Newport and saw a whole bunch of other dumb hipster bands oh man Continue reading


(Duffy note: The following historical account of events written in this column took place the week of April 11)

Pictured: stardeath and white dwarfs@Circus


I grow weirder by the day as does my life. I totally embrace this weirdness and can only imagine how stoked you are to read about it. I saw a bunch of weird bands, a bunch of weird people and a bunch of weird stuff happened or something.

OH MAN MY LIFE Continue reading

Saturday in Columbus: Gil Mantera’s Party Dream, Brainbow, The American Jobs

Gil Mantera’s Party Dream/Brainbow/The American Jobs
Skully’s-Saturday, April 18-$?

If you have to ask, watch this video (this never aired, they have a drummer now and basically are awesome and end up in speedos by the end of their set.) LEATHER AND LEOPARD PRINT!

Brainbow are the best band in Columbus without a singer. There is a Brainbow Joust Flash game for some reason.

Also, it is Record Store Day so go to Used kids and watch Times New Viking and buy records then go to Skully’s. More about Record Store Day in Columbus soon.

Weakened Wrap-up #5: Best Wrapper Alive

Pictured: Necropolis guitar in mid air and drummer on floor

Seriously I have the worst camera possible and the oldest/slowest hard drive imaginable.

Also I would love to have this up sooner but i mean life happens

This week I saw The Moz, El Jesus De Magico, Necropolis, Day Creeper, Brainbow(againnnnn) and other bands I’m pretty sure.

Less is Continue reading

Saturday night live: Crippled Black Phoenix @ The Ravari Room


Crippled Black Phoenix/Ascent of Everest/Brainbow
Ravari Room
Saturday, April 4

Six years ago, almost to the day, Chris Wood pulls off a major coup, booking Aereogramme at The Factory. Anybody remember that? It was an amazing show and the only time that the great Scottish band Aereogramme ever played in Columbus. Chris now book shows at the Ravari Room and has once again delivered a fantastic early April present to me (and the city of Columbus) – Crippled Black Phoenix. Unless you’re an Electric Wizard or Mogwai fan, you’re probably not too familiar with this band and that’s too bad. But you’ve got potentially a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the band – 8 people strong – Saturday night. How they are all going to fit on the Ravari Room stage is worth the price of admission alone!

While the band likes to describe their music as “endtime ballads,” I think it sounds like Mogwai covering Pink Floyd for a movie soundtrack. Check it out for yourself:

MP3: Rise up and Fight

I interviewed Justin Greaves, singer/guitarist of Crippled Black Phoenix, earlier this week, the day before he (and band) were going to hop on a plane and fly halfway across the globe to play two weeks worth of dates in the U.S. Here’s a quick snippet from the interview: Continue reading

Win Tickets to See Pelican in Columbus OH

HydraHead band Pelican are playing their only Ohio show on October 29 @ Ravari Room here in Columbus. Joining them for this event will be Brainbow, Kayo Dot, and Steve Brodsky of Cave In. This is going to be a awesome, heavy, show that I wish I was in town for.

We’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to a lucky ducky donewaiting.com reader. To enter, send a blank e-mail to contest@donewaiting.com with the subject line “PELICAN”. If your name isn’t in your email address, be sure to include it in the message. Winners will be chosen October 27.

Advance tickets can be purchased at the Ravari Room box office.

Brainbow: Trance Figure

MP3: Trance Figure by Brainbow

For a few years in Columbus, it seems like the most anticipated release has been the debut album by Brainbow. Their intricate music and epic live shows have made them a crowd favorite for a long time, drawing comparisons to everyone from Mogwai to Explosions in the Sky.

I’m happy to say that the time has come and it’s been worth the wait. They’re releasing the album Saturday, October 11 @ Skully’s. Joining them will be Sword Heaven and Envelope. Full details here. There will be lots of people. Get there early.