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Friday at Circus: CD101 For the Kids benefit with Flotation Walls, This Is My Suitcase, others


Flotation Walls (photo by Jen Duane)

MP3: Flotation Walls – Willis The Fireman

MP3: This is My Suitcase – Fish and Dishes

On Friday night, Circus will be hosting the fourth annual Mission:Kids benefit, and they’ve enlisted some great Columbus bands to help raise money for CD101’s children’s charity CD101 for the Kids. This means that in addition to a night of high-quality local music (see lineup below), you’ll also get that warm, fuzzy feeling knowing that your five dollars (21+, or $7 for 18+) is helping out kids in need. And in this season of giving, isn’t killing two birds with one stone what it’s all about?

The schedule, according to CD101:
Doors @ 9:00pm
9:30pm   Stucco Jones
10:15pm Besieus
11:00pm Couch Forts
11:45pm This Is My Suitcase
12:30am Flotation Walls

Bird and Flower (featuring members of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Couch Forts, Miranda Sound) Covers Madonna at Comfest

Bird and Flower‘s current live line-up features Erik (from Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos) on lap steel, Tyler (Couch Fort/Super Desserts) on banjo, Dan (Miranda Sound) on cello/bass drum, Justin on harmonium/bass drum/omnichord, and Eve on ukulele/omnichord/freestyle tambourine. On Saturday, they did this great cover of Madonna’s “Borderline”.

Sunken Treasure is releasing the Bird and Flower debut album on vinyl in July. More details coming soon.

Couch Forts Featured in New Outer Sounds Session

Couch Forts

Columbus’ Blastronauts have been keeping busy. Besides all of the shows and recordings surrounding their own band, they’ve also been hosting a lot of events around town under the Outer Sounds name. To expand their small empire, they’ve partnered with EP Studios to record bands and release recordings on their new website.

The first session featured Couch Forts.

Couch Forts have been with the outer sounds since the beginning, being once of the first bands we had play at the concert series when we started up last year. Since then they have become a mainstay on the Columbus music scene and were recognized as one of Columbus Alive’s band’s to watch in January, 2009. The three man band, consisting of Owen Kelley on guitar, vocals and stomping duties, Matt Owen on fiddle, and Tyler Evans on Banjo, create a very industrial take on folk music that manages to meet somewhere in between Sufjan Stevens and The Books.

Here’s one of the songs from that session:

MP3: 1959 by Couch Forts

Click here to listen to the other songs.

Weakened Wrap-up #1

Pictured: The Lindsay

Basically I triple dog dared Robert Duffy to let me type stuff sometimes and I mean really he had no choice. I go to shows sometimes. I go to other stuff too. I am going to attempt to tell you about the aforementioned shows and the other stuff too. Also there will be attempts at photography.

A whole bunch of words and “pictures” after the jump! INTERNET! Continue reading