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Photos: Megacity Music Marathon

This past Saturday Woodland’s Tavern in Grandview and PBR hosted the Megacity Music Marathon. This event was held with over 30 bands on 3 stages which I’m sure one of my donewaiting comrades will elaborate on.

These photos include Flotation Walls, Swimsuit Edition, TK Webb, Kyle Sowashes, Andrew Graham, Nick Tolford, You’re so Bossy, Bird & Flower, Chris McCoy, The Bygones, Tin Armor, The Lindsay, Saintseneca, Tree of Snakes and Bigfoot.

Tree of Snakes

Nick Tolford & Co.

Flotation Walls

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Photos: Rumba Anniversary w/ Alwood Sisters, Bird & Flower, Moon High & Receiver

Rumba had it’s fifth anniversary weekend. Saturday night’s show featured Alwood Sisters, Bird & Flower, Moon High and Receiver!

Alwood Sisters

Bird & Flower

Moon High

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Win tickets to Saturday’s Cabin Fever Festival in Nelsonville

YouTube Preview Image

Live at Electraplay alums Maps & Atlases headline the Cabin Fever Festival Saturday at Stuart’s Opera House in Nelsonville, Ohio, playing alongside Ohio bands Pomegranates, Alwood Sisters, Bird and Flower, Wheels on Fire and Whale Zombie. Not too shabby for a $15 show in an old theater.

This will also be the first opportunity to get early-bird tickets to the Nelsonville Music Festival, May 13-15. $45 for the whole weekend. I will most certainly be there.

To enter to win a pair of tickets to the Cabin Fever Festival, email contestdonewaiting@gmail.com with the subject line CABIN FEVER by 5 p.m. Friday. We’ll choose a random winner then.

Bird and Flower Northwestern Tour

Bird and Flower are about to head out this week on a Northwestern Tour. Let everyone you know in this area

Wed, 6/16 at CHOP SUEY (1325 East Madison Street, Seattle) 9pm

Fri, 6/18 at BALLARD MINE (5113 Russell Ave NW, Seattle) 9pm …(w/Polka Dot Dot Dot!)

Sat, 6/19 at LE VOYEUR (404 E 4th Ave, Olympia) 10pm (w/Jordan O’Jordan, LiiGHTS)

Tues, 6/22 at VALENTINE’S (232 SW Ankeny, Portland) 9pm (w/Marisa Anderson, Wet Wool)

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Nelsonville Music Festival: Perspective #2

Allwood Sisters, Porch Stage

I just want to sing the praises of the Nelsonville Music Festival for a minute, because not only did they provide me with a pretty killer weekend, I think they deserve some props for putting together one of those things that makes you feel psyched to be in Ohio, and that you’re kinda glad not everyone knows how good we’ve got it. I’ll preface this with a story that describes the tone of this festival and the people who are involved: I called down to Stuart’s Opera House to ask if I could add a camping spot to my ticket purchase (“sure no problem man..oh yeah, Ben, gotcha right here”) and midway through taking my credit card number, the dude on the phone was like ‘hold up a minute, someone just brought a puppy in here to work and all hell is breaking loose.’ So we took a little break from the transaction until the giggling died off. I mean, are these people- these volunteers- who care more about puppies than takin’ your money, the kind of folks that you want to spend a weekend listening to bands with? Yes.

This is the festival’s sixth year, but is arguably the second year after a major growth spurt brought about by the addition of some major national acts. The transition from local town street fair to booking legends like Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn has certainly increased attendance, but has not managed to warp the event into something that feels corporate or contrived. Not once did I see some cargo pants wearin’, flashlight totin’ security guy with “STAFF” on his back shakin’ somebody down; not once did a lycra-clad promotions girl try to give me packets of gum or sign me up for a credit card. What I did see was a really nice mix of familiar local bands and big time performers in a pretty sweet setting. Check out some more chat and photos below.
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Bird and Flower: Arctic Sea


MP3: Arctic Sea

For those of you just tuning in, Donewaiting.com also runs a very small yet loveable record label, Sunken Treasure Records. A few months ago we released the debut album from Bird and Flower. If you slept on it in 2009, we forgive you. 2010 is a new year and a new you.

Starting today, if you purchase the 12″ vinyl (we still have some copies left), you’ll get immediate access to download the record too. Check it out here.

We’re using Bandcamp to sell the record and music files at the same time, and I can’t recommend the service enough to bands.

<a href="http://birdandflower.bandcamp.com/album/here-we-cease-our-motion">Dark Thoughts by Bird and Flower</a>

Favorite Albums of 2009 by Joel Oliphint

(Separate Columbus list further down. Though, if the lists were combined, some of the local releases would unseat a few here…)

1. Larry Jon WilsonLarry Jon Wilson
I won’t lie. Talking to Larry Jon and producer Jerry DeCicca (Black Swans) about this album, learning about its origins, and visiting Wilson’s back catalog gave me a heightened appreciation for this masterpiece. So context helps, but even if you know nothing about the back story, this is a stark, beautiful album from start to finish from one of the forgotten country outlaws. Wilson’s Georgia baritone is the sweetest thing I heard this year. For Townes Van Zandt fans, this is required listening.

MP3: Feel Alright Again

2. The Love LanguageThe Love Language
It’s a rock n’ roll cliché and a PR flack’s dream: Guy breaks up with girl, drinks heavily, pisses off all his friends, eventually sobers up and retreats to his parents’ house to record an album on a four-track. But man does this cliché jangle with some of the best in-the-red pop songs I’ve heard in a while. Stuart McLamb’s Chapel Hill band signed to Merge in October and is slated to have a new release in August, and after seeing the full band (now a 7-piece) put on a terrific show at the Wexner Center in the fall, McLamb’s next outing could be even better with a little help from his friends.

MP3: Manteo I MP3: Lalita

3. Andrew BirdNoble Beast
Every aspect of Andrew Bird just keeps getting better—his voice; his gorgeous, multi-layered violin arrangements; his whistling. It makes for a backdrop so compelling that he can sing about proto-Sanskrit Minoans, porto-centric Lisboans, Greek Cypriots and Hobis-hots and have you nodding your head in agreement instead of scratching it in confusion.

MP3: Oh No

4. Kurt VileConstant Hitmaker; God is Saying This to You…; Childish Prodigy
kurtI’m grouping these together so I can squeeze more in, but all three LPs probably deserve a separate spot for different reasons. God finds Vile filtering his psychedelia through John Fahey and Neil Young; Childish kicks the volume up a notch and tones the lo-fi down; and Hitmaker, the best of the three, plays both sides with casual brilliance. “Freeway” is one of my favorite songs of 2009.

MP3: Freeway

5. The AntlersHospice
Hospice is one of only a few albums this year that completely transports me whenever I give it my full attention. (Brian Harnetty’s Silent City is another.) A concept album about a hospice worker and a young patient, the songs swell like Sigur Ros then retreat into gingerly tapped piano, lightly strummed guitar or shimmery synth. It’s in those quiet portions that Silberman employs his alabaster falsetto — more hushed than Jeff Buckley but less wispy than Antony Hegarty. Back in March, the Antlers played a show at Cafe Bourbon St. in front of me and maybe three other people. I’m thinking there’ll be a few more in attendance next time.

MP3: Bear

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Tonight: Early Day Miners / Decibully @ The Treehouse

Listening to Decibully’s 2005 release Sing Out America! again today for the first time in years, I’m reminded of how much I loved this album the very first time I heard it. I had to do some digging around but thanks to Archive.org I was able to find something I wrote about Sing Out America! on Donewaiting back in early 2005.

Got a copy of Decibully’s first CD, City of Festivals, in the mail when it was released a year or two ago. Thought it was okay but found the Wilco comparisons to be a bit misleading. Saw Decibully at SXSW last year (first of 44 bands that I saw that week) and discovered the magic (particularly in “On the Way to Your Hotel” which haunted me for the duration of SXSW, certain lyrics stuck in my head like corn between my teeth). Have given a precursory listen to the band’s forthcoming CD, Sing Out America!, and have added Decibully to the list of “Must see bands at SXSW 2005”. First 3 songs are dreamy in a country-cornfield sort of way.

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New Bird and Flower Video Features Members of Earwig, Two Cow Garage, Many More Columbus People

If you saw Justin Riley making people spin around in circles at Comfest or other Columbus locations these past few weeks, now you know why:

Sunken Treasure Records, an offshoot of donewaiting.com, is releasing the debut album by Bird and Flower on Saturday at Wholly Craft! in Columbus, OH. Also performing is Moviola and Jordan Martin. The show starts at 7:30pm and is FREE. The album is available in vinyl (100 white, 200 black) and digital download. Order it online here.

Stream the entire album:

<a href="http://birdandflower.bandcamp.com/album/here-we-cease-our-motion">Dark Thoughts by Bird and Flower</a>

Or download these two MP3s:
MP3: Hot Boots
MP3: Jump Out of the Way

Upcoming shows:

7/24 Dayton, OH Pretty People Pad House Show w/ State School and Saintseneca. 8pm
7/25 Columbus, OH Wholly Craft! Album Release Show (FREE) w/ Moviola, Jordan Martin. 7:30pm
8/8 Columbus, OH Monster House 8pm.

Bird and Flower (featuring members of Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos, Couch Forts, Miranda Sound) Covers Madonna at Comfest

Bird and Flower‘s current live line-up features Erik (from Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos) on lap steel, Tyler (Couch Fort/Super Desserts) on banjo, Dan (Miranda Sound) on cello/bass drum, Justin on harmonium/bass drum/omnichord, and Eve on ukulele/omnichord/freestyle tambourine. On Saturday, they did this great cover of Madonna’s “Borderline”.

Sunken Treasure is releasing the Bird and Flower debut album on vinyl in July. More details coming soon.