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Comfest 2012 to get new location, new spin on traditional music lineup?

Found this on Ticketmaster.com this morning.

Does this mean Comfest is moving to the Alrosa Villa? Does this mean the theme this year is centered around Juggalos?


Live Review: Insane Clown Posse at the LC– U Don’t Wanna Tussle With A Down Ninjette

Photos by Kirk Kline

Following a trail of destruction is easy. You might have seen the path of tornadoes in Oklahoma as they swooped and destroyed neighborhoods. Walking up to the LC on Sunday night the path of destruction was evident. You could see sticky dried brown liquid on the ground and you could hear it with every step. Yup, high fructose corn syrup all over the ground and that means one thing; the Insane Clown Posse were in town.

The Dark Carnival was on one side of the street and Ringling Brothers on the other side. Both have clowns and both have differing types of clientele. Police were stationed facing the LC. Kirk tried asking the cop a question and was ignored. He knew where we were headed. We knew where we were headed. Ugh. You could hear juggalos over the traffic “WOOT WOOT!”   Continue reading

A Family Underground: Insane Clown Posse Juggalo Documentary

Just added this to my Netflix queue:

Basic Sociological Awareness PT 1: Twiztid Juggalos

This past month I have watched DJ Detox+ friends rock so many packed rooms. Sweatin, Get Right, The Catalyst’s release party, So What Wednesdays, The Milk Bar and even Twiztid at the Newport all got handled.

I am gonna hit you with a series of blogs with pictures and playlists from a gaybar, a downtown nightclub, a boutique, a shitgaze(jokes) haven turned Stretch + Bobbie 89.9 for a night and a sold-out Juggalo event to let you know Home Mortgage scandals don’t need to be the norm

Lets start with the Sold-out Newport.
Might as well set it off with proof that if God doesn’t love ugly, someone else will and make 25 dollars at ticket.

Photos By Danielle Kline

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