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World premiere: Abandon Jalopy – “All the Way” video + podcast interview

We’re very excited and honored to be premiering “All the Way”, the first video from Abandon Jalopy’s Death & Joy, which will officially be released on February 14.

Abandon Jalopy’s Brad Smith spent a few hours on the phone with me a few weeks ago, talking about his new record and answering some questions about Blind Melon, the band that gave Brad his start. I edited it down (the call lasted 2.5 hours!) to about 40 minutes for a new podcast that, at least for this episode, is called “Behind the Cover”.

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Abandon Jalopy’s Death & Joy is available at abandonjalopymusic.com.

Thursday: Awolnation @ The Basement (sold out)

Before last week I had never heard any of their music nor did I know anything about Awolnation. Then, I heard that Blind Melon’s guitarist Christopher Thorn will be touring as part of the band all summer so I decided it was time to learn more.

Turns out the band is the brainchild of the former singer of a band called Under the Influence of Giants and that Thorn produced that band’s last CD so his involvement with Awolnation makes sense.
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Sunday: Alberta Cross @ The Newport Music Hall

All testosterone, these men of Alberta Cross, despite what one of the local rags says (surprisingly, it wasn’t Petric that made the mistake).

Early this year, at SXSW, I stumbled into a day party at the Red-Eyed Fly and while waiting for the band I wanted to see (I think it was Rumspringa) play on the indoor stage, I made my way towards the back doors to the outside stage where I caught the last song of Alberta Cross’s set. You ever get those moments where you hear something for the first time or you see a band live for the first time and you get chills? I swore I was looking at Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) as I watched Petter Ericson Stakee swing his head back and forth and the voice … not only did he look like Hoon, but he sounded like Hoon too!

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Shannon Hoon and Blind Melon have a message for you:

(Thanks Chip)