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Interview: Ray West (ex-Spread Eagle)

I’ve written about my love of early ’90s sleaze metal band Spread Eagle before, including interviewing former bassist Rob DeLuca.

Spread Eagle singer Ray West just released his first solo album under the name All Pointz West (it’s the first thing he’s released – not counting a 3-song EP with the band Hostel, Inc. a year or two ago- in over 15 years) and it shies away from the early ’90s sound and goes for a much more contemporary metal sound.

Check out the interview I did with Ray over on AtomicNed.com.

Sebastian Bach on tour with Poison

Baz and Rob DeLuca

My birthday was yesterday. I didn’t celebrate. My real present came Sunday night courtesy of Rob DeLuca, bassist for Sebastian Bach‘s band, who hooked me up with killer seats for the Poison/Dokken/Sebastian Bach show at The Schott in Columbus. I’ve been a fan(atic) of DeLuca’s since his days slinging bass for Spread Eagle and though the band never blew up the way they should have, I still tell people about driving DeLuca and singer Ray West to a party in Akron after a Spread Eagle show at the Akron Agora in ’90 or ’91.

If you thinking about checking out one of the upcoming shows – there are still a month and a half of dates left – do yourself a HUGE favor and get your ass to the arena early to check out Baz and his band tear things up (here’s my review of the Columbus show).

After the jump … Rob DeLuca answers some questions I sent him via email on an off day on the tour.

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