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Tonight: Brujas del Sol @ Cafe Bourbon Street

For those who like to make “Bands to Watch” lists, may I kindly submit Brujas del Sol, a new-ish stoner rock trio comprised of Adrian Lee Zambrano (guitars/vocals), Derrick White (bass) and Jason Green (drums), for consideration?

While bands like EYE and Lo-Pan cover the heavier end of the spectrum, Brujas del Sol has settled into a trippy, spacey, hypnotic groove, not unlike bands such as Dead Meadow, Wooden Shjips, Pink Floyd, Pretty Weapons, Black Sabbath. Definitely a band I’M going to be watching (and listening to) in 2012.

Moonliner Vol.1 – recorded by our friends over at Electraplay Studio – is the first of 3 planned EPs that the band plans to release in the next few months and can be downloaded (name your own price) at http://brujasdelsol.bandcamp.com/.

Brujas del Sol performs tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street with Big Shot and Feature Films.

What happens when you make Rush a doom metal band?

I know a lot of people hate Rush but when you slow their music down and turn them into a doom metal band, they sound much more palatable. I’ve been playing around with Audacity a bit, trying to remix their greatest hits and am having a blast turning them into a Black Sabbath-worshipping band. I can’t take create for creating the slowed-down version of “Tom Sawyer” but I’ve been working on my own version. Pretty awesome that somebody slowed down the video too to make it all sync up.

(Thanks to Pop Culture Panopticon 2.0 for turning me onto this in the first place)