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Friday: Smug Brothers @ Cafe Bourbon St.

Dayton, Ohio’s Smug Brothers travel from the near west to play Cafe Bourbon St. this Friday, April 13th (No Fear™). Though the band has seen a revolving cast of members, frontman Kyle Melton and drummer Don Thrasher (Guided By Voices, Swearing at Motorists) have been stalwart fixtures for a number of years now.

Smug Brothers released the Treasure Virgins EP [cassette/digital] in December 2011 on their newly launched Gas Daddy Go! imprint. The band is currently finishing work on their next full-length, On the Way to the Punchline.

Be looking for a long overdue Donewaiting feature on Brother Don Thrasher in the very near future. In the meantime:

Smug Brothers | Keith Jenkins & The Moving Parts | WVWHITE
Cafe Bourbon St. – Columbus, OH
Friday, April 13th – 8 PM

Tonight: Brujas del Sol @ Cafe Bourbon Street

For those who like to make “Bands to Watch” lists, may I kindly submit Brujas del Sol, a new-ish stoner rock trio comprised of Adrian Lee Zambrano (guitars/vocals), Derrick White (bass) and Jason Green (drums), for consideration?

While bands like EYE and Lo-Pan cover the heavier end of the spectrum, Brujas del Sol has settled into a trippy, spacey, hypnotic groove, not unlike bands such as Dead Meadow, Wooden Shjips, Pink Floyd, Pretty Weapons, Black Sabbath. Definitely a band I’M going to be watching (and listening to) in 2012.

Moonliner Vol.1 – recorded by our friends over at Electraplay Studio – is the first of 3 planned EPs that the band plans to release in the next few months and can be downloaded (name your own price) at http://brujasdelsol.bandcamp.com/.

Brujas del Sol performs tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street with Big Shot and Feature Films.

Unreleased Bill Fox song soundtracks Occupy Wall Street

YouTube Preview Image

Last year, at a rare in-store performance at Lost Weekend Records, Cleveland’s Bill Fox played a tune called “Men Who are Guilty of Crimes.” I don’t know when he wrote it, but it felt particularly timely last summer, given that the cleanup of the BP oil spill was ongoing and the song implored Congress to “put the blame on BP.”

Ex-Clevelander Michael Nigro realized the song’s 2011 potential as the anthem for the Occupy Wall Street movement and tracked down a recording of the unreleased tune to soundtrack an OWS video montage called “Faces, Signs and Sentiments at Occupy Wall Street.” Check it out, above. (HT: I Rock Cleveland.)

Bill Fox was slated to play the Megacity Music Marathon last month at Woodlands Tavern but couldn’t make it. Fortunately, he’s coming back to town Nov. 5 for a show at Cafe Bourbon St., along with two acoustic sets from Jim McKeivier and Marcy Mays (doors at 9pm, $6).

“Men Who Are Guilty of Crimes” lyrics: Continue reading

The Intelligence Tour Journal: Columbus Edition

Pictured :Errand Boy’s guest room

The Intelligence played Cafe Bourbon Street with The Guinea Worms not too long ago and are documenting their journey for The Stranger. Basically it’s just dude talking sh!t about people that were nice enough to put them up. Here’s what they had to say about our fine burg-

If you are looking for skuzzy rock and roll underbellies, this is your spot, folks. But I like Columbus. I think. Cafe Bourbon St. always treats us well, and we get to have dinner with Eric’s parents at a brewery downtown called Pardon My Reach, or maybe that’s all I can remember after the waiter said it to the point of Chinese water torture. His parents are cool and fun, and in an effort to relive their fears after seeing the club we were playing tonight, I tell them we’re playing a festival with Weird Al Yankovic in a couple weeks (TRUE), and it seems to help. The Soft Pack and Kurt Vile are playing tonight too, and we run over and catch three great Soft Pack songs. Wish we could stay, but you can’t beat the Free Hot Dogs Clause at Bourbon St. I dig the first band and tell them so, and they respond with “Even though our drummer has a beard?!” I can only think to tell them “It’s better than dreadlocks?” A nice friend of ours offers to put us up. We stayed there last year, and it was pretty raunchy (a deep green, spore-covered coffee pot immediately comes to mind), but we don’t have any other offers. He has to “run an errand,” and asks to meet at a party down the street. Continue reading

Tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street: Pontiak

MP3: Pontiak – Young

The double bill at Bourbon Street tonight is headlined by Virginia’s Pontiak, a band of stoner rock brothers. They are currently on tour in support of new album Living, out this past Tuesday on Thrill Jockey. The new record picks up where 2009’s Maker left off, delivering psychedelic jams in (mostly) pop song-sized packages of varying textures. The live show will likely shred. Labelmates Arbouretum open.

NYE in Columbus:From Bobo to Juelz Santana


Juelz  Dip Dip. Santana Set Set.

Columbus rules because in one night Psychedelic Horseshit, Unholy Two, Blueprint, Envelope, The Catalyst, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Weedsteeler all partook in New Years Eve events.

After the jump it gets uncomfortable and self-indulgent.

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Illogic: One Bar Left Ep Free Download

Illogic is giving away a free ep called One Bar Left. It’s produced by Ill Poetic. Illogic will be performing at Cafe Bourbon Street as part of the 2-year Aniversary of So What Wednesdays this week. Intricate Sunz will open. Blueprint will host. This download will show what Illogic and Ill Poetic have in store for Illogic’s new album Diabolical Fun, due out on Weightless on March 24th, 2009.

MP3: Illogic-One Bar Left Ep

If you want to buy the cd of this it will be availble at the show. For more info head over to  www.weightless.net.

Moral Tales Photos

Micheal “Gaybar” Carney lining up  um a, gay disco record.

Moral Tales is the new skin of Columbus future dance offering options for  the following: any lady with discerning taste; harlots that shop at both vintage stores and American Apparel; cordially mannered sociopath hustlers,; well-educated gentleman that are products of proper breeding; exquisitvely dressed nancyboys; rock n roll narcotic users; any other combination that requires both being attractive and well-versed in something . The first one installment of this monthly gala launched Last Saturday. The music provided by DJ Tru Skills, Gaybar, and DJ Detox centered around Exotic Funk, Disco, Electo and then ventured into R+B/blog house/bmore/ dance musics of the now at the end. The event’s host was a Mr. Scotty Neimat whose past endeavors include but aren’t limited toboth Sweatin Dance Party and the place Columbus DIY took root, the Neil House.

photos by danielle kline

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Benco presents: Gregory And The Hawk (Sat, Nov.22 / Bourbon St.)

Benco’s got another great one coming up this weekend but this one is sliding in under the radar (no preview in either the Other Paper or the Alive this week). Meredith Godreau began performing under the name Gregory And The Hawk in 2003, added Mike McGuire in 2005, self-released an EP and a full length which sold about 15,000 copies, and signed to FatCat Records (where she joined Frightened Rabbit and The Twilight Sad among others) in 2008. Last month, Gregory And The Hawk’s FatCat debut, the excellent Moenie and Kitchi, was released and music bloggers around the globe are falling in love with the simple-yet-elegant indie/folk rock and Godreau’s almost childlike voice.

You can probably pick out the influences in GATH’s music but Godreau has gone so far as to clearly say that The Lemonheads, The Blake Babies, My Bloody Valentine and The Sundays (DEFINITELY The Sundays … and, while she didn’t say so, how about Lisa Loeb and/or Tanya Donelly too?) are important parts of her musical identity.

MP3: Doubtful

Benco says this will be an early one by Café Bourbon Street (2216 Summit St.) standards with Gregory And The Hawk playing around 9pm following an opening set by locals Our Cat Phillip. If you’re looking for a way to unwind after the Buckeyes stomp the Wolverines, this would be a good and safe bet. Cover charge is $8 and it’s an ALL AGES show (additional surcharge for those under 21). Info here.

I asked Meredith and Mike to snap some road photos on this leg of the tour and they were kind enough to oblige the request. You can check out the Gregory And The Hawk Photo Tour Diary over on AtomicNed.com.

The Catalyst @ So What Wednesdays Tonight

The picture above is from a 2004 Killed In Action Show. The Catalyst is the guy standing on a table looking angry.

Anyway its 08, and his new mixtape, Fuck The Radio, is an instant classic. Dood has the voice and patterns of someone from the Rakim school. Bo has the humor and shock value of Big L and Eminem. He has the relevance of a T.I. or Wayne. And he can make social commentary like Rass Kass or Canibus. And he delivers it all with the clarity of Ludacris.

Sucks I put such a silly looking photo of him up there, huh. Cause dood could easily be the next great. Plus he reps the O-H, like iono, John Kasich. Anyway him and I got drunk and I documented the conversation. I am gonna completely misrepresent him by posting said interaction.

(The Catalyst will be performing tonight @ Cafe Bourbon Street. DJ Top Speed from Indy will be performing as well.)

Wes Flexner:Who is a bigger wigger Envelope or Copywrite?

The Catalyst:(Laughs)Definitely Pete(Copywrite). If I didn’t know Tony(Envelope) I wouldn’t be able to tell he even listened to rap on first impression.

WF:Why are you so fond of hanging out with wiggers?

TC:Cuz half of me is a huge wigger. The black side of me is an oreo. He’s comparable to that of Bryant Gumbel.The white side of me is a West Side Hilltop Resident with bangs.

WF:How does the blackside manifest itself?

TC:Through attempting to rap and occasionally smoking Newports while drunk.

WF:That doesnt sound like Byrant Gumble?

TC:Well see… that’s where it gets complex.the black side manifests itself through the white wigger. Cuz the black side isn’t black at all.The black side reads the Wall Street Journal while drinking lots of milk.And listening to Abba. And it has good credit.

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