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MP3: Diehard Cover The New Pornographers’ “Sing Me Spanish Techno”

MP3: Sing Me Spanish Techno

Diehard just released a 4-song covers EP, Old Habits, for free on their Bandcamp page. Fans who pledged at a high level of their Kickstarter campaign were able to request the songs chosen to be covered and now they’ve been collected for all the world to download.

Their debut full length, The Times We Didn’t Have Fun, is now available for “name your price”.

The band has some shows coming up in NYC. Keep reading for the dates. Continue reading

The New Pornographers Latest Video Features Every Comedian

…and Ted Leo in a dress.

Photos: The New Pornographers in Columbus

The New Pornographers
13 June 2010
Newport Music Hall

New Pornographers 5

New Pornographers 9

See full set here.

Last Week: John Vanderslice for the Win

Caribou photo by Kim Rottmayer. Full gallery.

Last week I saw three great shows: Caribou with Fuck Buttons and Sinkane at the Wexner Center, Okkervil River and The New Pornographers at the Newport, and John Vanderslice and Spanish Prisoners at Skullys.

Quick recaps….

Sinkane – I liked their set, but I wish they would have played another song to show their diversity… (although I know they had a short timeframe)

Fuck Buttons – If this type of music isn’t your thing, well, then it isn’t your thing. I loved it, though. Sometimes sinister, sometimes reminded me of Underworld, always interesting. I also liked that it was more than two dudes and two laptops.

Caribou – Ahmed from Sinkane just showed Columbus why he is one of the best drummers in town. Holy crap. He played like he had been playing that music for two years, but in reality it’s been less than TWO WEEKS. It was hypnotic to watch him play. So so good. Discuss the show here, too.

The New Pornographers – If you’re a band that does male/female vocal harmonies in a strong way, you’ve won me over. Despite sound not being as good as it could have been, the band pulled through an excellent set, hitting upon their entire catalog. I was also happy to see the show sold out, or at least nearly sold out. That’s the power of CD101 + a great band.

Spanish Prisoners – I thought the set was good, but the energy from Leo’s debut record did not translate well as a two piece. Hope to catch them again with more people.

John Vanderslice – Disappointing turnout, but that didn’t stop Vanderslice and his band from putting on the best set I’ve ever seen by them. They were all in a great mood, and when the band came off the stage for the encore and performed in the middle of the crowd without any microphones or amplification, it was a thing of beauty. Definitely one of the most memorable music experiences I’ve had in a loooooong time.

Your Columbus Weekend: 4/11 – 4/13 2008

The New Pornographers

The weather is getting better in Columbus, people, so that means you should do your best to spend time inside our sweaty rock clubs. Here’s what’s up:

It’s been some time since The New Pornographers have been in Columbus, and this time out they’re upgrading to the larger Newport Music Hall. Their last album, Challengers, was on my favorite albums of 2007 list, so you can imagine I am pretty excited about this. Opening the show is Okkervil River, a band that could headline on their own.

Over the last few years, CD101 Day has not had any major headliners. While earlier versions brought bands like The Black Keys and Dresden Dolls, the more recent versions have been made up of rising bands who have yet to make their mark. And while I’m always a little disappointed that there’s never a bigger name involved, I also think it’s a good thing to have a radio station put together a show with bands of this smaller size and get behind it both on the radio and with an affordable $5 price tag. Saturday’s version at Promowest includes such rising stars as The Whigs, Von Iva, The Duke Spirit as well as locals The Whiles (who have not updated their website since the Reagan administration).

John Vanderslice (mp3) returns to Columbus for an early show at Skullys. Yesssss. The last time he was here was when we brought him to an early Monday show at High Five. That show was great, so I’m expecting this one to be 30 times better.

Also on Sunday, and also early, Times New Viking are playing Bourbon St for what they’re calling “their last Columbus show in awhile.” Details here.

The New Pornographers Coming to Columbus

Finally, geeze. It’s only been five years since their last visit.

The donewaiting.com message board keeps a good running tally of bands coming to Columbus, with news usually coming there before anywhere else. Click here to read the thread.

On Sale Date: FEB. 9

Pres. By CD101
COST: $22 Advance and $25 Day of Show