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Video: Great Plains on Cablevision (Columbus, 1983) from Old 3C’s forthcoming DVD

Paul Nini’s Old 3C Records is putting out a Great Plains DVD called Directions to the Party, chock full of Great Plains performances from Comfest 1987, Stache’s in ’85, more recent reunions in Columbus and Brooklyn in ’08, and a 1983 Cablevision TV performance, which you can preview above.

Dig Tim Anstaett’s rambling intro, which is basically a two-minute history of his TKA/The Offense zine/newsletter through 1983, along with plea for 50-cent subscriptions. All the while, behind him, an early lineup of Great Plains cracks jokes and eventually just starts playing “Cave-in” over him. It’s a priceless slice of Columbus history, as is the whole DVD.

Artwork below. No firm release date yet.
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