Daymon Day Parade 2008: Yessir!

The 3rd Annual Daymon Day happened last Saturday. People treated it like a holiday. They honored friendship, being welcoming, kind, exciting and adsurdly funny.

Early on Johnny Cashola played records. Which was cool of him cause he came straight from the Troy/OSU game to bring turntables and friends. But when Daymon’s family showed up, Funky D took over because songs with cursing didn’t seem appropriate. We all hugged the block. Funky D played old Soul and Motown. It made the block hug us back.

With vintage R+B permeating in the air; it was realized what could make old music relevant: playing it threw a large pa so it could be heard on the cities streets where the youth cavort. Wallrides to the Whispers?

When Envelope wasn’t talking to cops(about parade routes, and to build general rapport), he walked around with a megaphone, and made bantar at all pedestrians. He would ask a simple question. “Do you like parades?”

Ashley Brooks and friends brought candy. Mardi Gras in September, Bee.

Various people made variousDaymon influenced gear. IGLU’s Gary Dillion wearing a “No Homo” shirt referencing the below picture of Daymon.

I spraypainted my shoes Peanut Butter and Jelly Green. Daymon collected Chuck’s and was involved with the Grand Theft Auto joke.(q.what would be an obnoxious and an intolerable example of hip hop cultures influence on today’s youth ? a. a fake/joke gang who took their colors from a video game)

Franz of IGLU, T-Tops and Weedsteeler imitating Daymon’s “Credit Risk” shirt. Green once again in effect mode.

Kevin Merryman drew a Burning Man-esqe homage to Daymon.

Back to hugging the block. It continues to hug back.


Two random juggalos ran -up on us. This one had broken his hand after punching his fridge cause he was mad. They left to buy cigerettes, and came back to join the parade even though they didn’t know Daymon. My assumption is that the parade was prolly the only time outside of ICP events that anyone has ever been nice to them.

Afterwords,they said they are coming back every year.

Skaters, and a Benz line up to lead the way.

At some point there was a discussion about how the bulk of Daymon’s humor right now would be centered around having a crush on Sarah Palin.

Daymon’s Mom.

The Parade arrives at the Gay Street Festival. Loud and gregariously.

Vile Gash performs misanthropic anthems that entertain this crowd that gathered to celebrate friendship and community.

The Catalyst performs. He invited Dirtnap onstage to be his hype man with a bullhorm. Dirtnap was Racist Joe’s hype man. So Bo knows well.

Detox comes back on. Plays a Black Sabbath armed blend into “Crunk Music” by Dipset.

The Gay Street portion ends abruptly and appropriately when a group of hardcore kids could’nt contain themselves during the Fonoslut Remix of “Santana’s Town”. It’s Dipset chanted over “Nothing To Lose” by Killed In Action. The hardcore kids jumped up and down. Their weight caused cinderblocks to break.

Mayor Colemen/Katie Brennen at Tip Top.

The night ended with a dance party at Carabar. Danielle Kline repped pretty hard. She walked up to people, and would say, “I love you, no homo“. (note. no one is homophobic. The phrase is just ridic.) She later supplied me with water balloons which allowed me to make it rain literally during Cashola’s, and Detox’s sets.

There was an impromptu Envelope performance because two members of Weedsteeler managed to break bodyparts during the week. Envelope forgot his lyrics 4 times, and freestyled in the spirit of things.

Night ended with DJ Tru Skills turning Carabar into a discoteque.

All, and all people everyone I knew was a good-spirited, participatory, and hilarious. So Daymon Day functioned correctly.

Photos lifter from

We Got More Bounce In Columbus (Good Photos and Video)


DKline’s Flickr

  • amazing!
    i really do love the event. it will continue indefinitely.

    thanks to everyone involved in any way.


  • Some great pictures in there.

    And as usual hardcore kids get all the blame.

  • wes flexner

    you can always count on hardcore kids(to be hardcore kids)
    i heart columbus sxe

  • tonyloap

    its ok for men to cry.

  • wesflexner

    uh…thats one of the 3 or 5 things i ommitted.
    q.does envelope have a girlfriend?

  • glad everything went well

    of course I shamalam’d

    and didn’t make an appearance

    but would you expect any less

    r.i.p big dame

  • tops on my list is mark throwing mini lollipops at and into that hummer in short north.

    and the roasted corn on the cob.

    great success

  • tony

    man. this makes me happy no matter where im at

  • very good, thank youu

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