Fucked Up! Trashes A Masonic Temple’s Men’s Room.

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Matador’s newest Lo-Fi Art-Punk Superstars’ Fucked Up get a little Gordon Solie Motherfucker  on MTV Live!. They have a new album out now and will be playing at Skully’s with Psychedelic Horseshit & Reflect on October 201th.

Is this Fear on Saturday Night Live or Contrived? Beats me.

  • wirrbear

    October 201th


  • Billydeewhitehall

    looks silly.

  • tony allman

    if this is art punk
    it’s changed a lot
    since the last time

  • Woosley

    I don’t care if it’s art. Trashing a Masonic Temple is A-OK.

  • Kat The Eyeshot

    hmmm. yes i am all for the destruction of masonic constructions. but im also all for the destruction of bands like this. maybe we could figure out a way for both of them to disappear like the disappearance of good music in this city.

  • Dude McDude

    didn’t like avail the first time.