Recommend Me: Places to Visit in Seattle, Portland

Gig Harbor Moon over Fishing Boats

I’m going to be heading out NW for my honeymoon beginning Sunday. I’ve never been to this part of the country, and while we do have some plans, I thought it’d be fun to see if you fine readers have any restaurants, places to visit, stores, etc, that might not be on our radar.

We’re in Seattle Sunday (seeing Jenny Lewis and Conor Oberst*), Portland Mon-Tue, Gig Harbor Wed-Thu, and Seattle Fri-Sun.. We fly back Monday. And we’re going to see Brian Posehn on Halloween evening with Judah Friedlander.

* = musical content in the blog post

  • I’ve been to Portland a few times and really like the city. I would suggest checking out Powell’s book store. Even if you’re not in the mood to buy anything, it’s still fun to wander around in amazement at the sheer size.

  • Shane

    when you’re in seattle try hattie’s hat in ballard. Chicken fried chicken

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  • Jeff

    I work in Portland occasionally although I don’t get out of Lake Oswego too much when I’m there.

    There is a Rogue brewery in Portland. Decent food, awesome beer. Also, Old Town Pizza is cool.

    Doesn’t look like anything much is going on at the Crystal Ballroom, but that is a cool venue. Saw Wolf Parade there last time I was out. Also, the Shins and Secret Machines last year.

  • k. neber

    VOODOO DONUTS!!!–in portland–right off of Burnside st. on 3rd or 2nd?, i think. open all nite….totally weird little,(really tiny) hole in the wall.

  • ryry

    I can only comment on portland. The waffle stand on mississippi and fremont. Only open on the weekends. Amazing waffle taco type things that must be tasted to be believed. Stumptown coffee. They do tastings at the shop on 30th and se belmont. The albina press is also an excellent coffee shop. Powells books is, along with strands in nyc and apple? books in berkeley, the best book store in the land so check it out. The doug fir has great shows all the time with booking like little brothers used to be. Great sound system and great happy hour menu. 9th and e burnside. If you are a guitar junkie go to portland music. It is about 50 ft away from voodoo donuts on sw 3rd. Awesome vintage amps and pedals that change over all the time. All sorts of music gear and record collections can be had for cheap seeing as how all the twenty somethings move there and can’t find work/get hooked on whatever. Use radio cab. Crash a party or two. No one knows everyone anyway.
    Cool bars to black out in include the matador, slabtown, the tube, the speakeasy, goodfoot, doug fir, holocene, magic gardens, yurs, club 21, the crow bar ….
    have fun and watch out for the tweakers.

  • Best Bar in Seattle:

    Dig it…..dig it well.

  • Dan

    Best music venue in Portland is the Doug Fir. I’ll go to shows there even when I have no idea who’s playing. Check out NE Missisippi ave during the day (eat at the Moxie food cart if it’s open – and Mississippi Records is right next door). For a great dinner I like FARM on SE Burnside. Or Pok Pok (sp?) on SE Division. Their entire menu is based on food stands in Northern Thailand or something.

  • Thanks a lot for posting. It was a great read.