The Damnwells: new CD, interview, SXSW plans

thedamnwells_onelastcenturyIt’s a big day for The Damnwells. At 9 a.m., the band will release it’s third full-length CD, One Last Century, exclusively through Paste Magazine’s website. Fans of the band’s first two releases will want to download the new CD for tracks like “55 Pictures”, “Bastards of Midnight” and “Down with the Ship” while those who just recently discovered the band due to their inclusion on the Chaos Theory soundtrack will undoubtedly fall in love with “Jesus Could Be Right”, “Closer”, and “WWXII”.

My personal favorite is “Like It Is”, which Alex first debuted in a YouTube video accompanied by his wife Angela on backing vocals. As you listen to it, just imagine the Dixie Chicks providing backing vocals, banjo, and violin.

MP3: “Like It Is”

On the eve of the virtual release, I gave Alex a call at his (temporary) home in Iowa where he is attending The University of Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop. The following is our close-to-40-minute conversation.

MP3: Interview with Alex Dezen

And in SXSW news, Alex revealed that The Damnwells will play an unofficial day party hosted by September Gurl, Organic Entertainment, and Ripple Entertainment on March 18 at Threadgills (South Store).  More info as we get it.

Now get to downloading One Last Century. (available after 9 a.m.)

  • awesome. thanks chip!

  • Jonathan

    Great to hear Alex talk about the process, the future, etc!

  • I Can not wait to download your new album. I have not yet heard your first album all the way through, but whenever I am on the computer I am reminded of your band from joining your fan mail. i DIdn’t know you directed music videos. Must be fun.
    Hopefully you guys can play a gig (If you haven’t already) Here where I live in Mesa AZ. I thikn Mesa anyways. I have lived all around Phoenix and hope to stay here.

  • marilyn

    The Damnwells are doing great things! Check out, and get in on doing something good (pledging money) to get something good (new Damnwells record, donating to charitable organization) – it’s truly a win-win. Even a measly $12 pledge will net you a copy of the record when it’s finished. What a great concept to let your fans be your record label! Hopefully you’ll pledge what you can, get access to FREE downlaods of new material before it comes out.