Wavves At Skullys in Columbus Tonight

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Really never fucked with Wavves like that. I think I got the feeling that so-cal, Lo-Fi lacked the angst of Columbus bands. And if you read interviews with most of the so- Cali, so-called Lo-fi doods, Columbus bands tend to be their influences. So initially I was like why do I want to listen to people that sound like people in my city but are in nice weather all the time?
Then the Wavves dood beat up the guy from the Black Lips and hit some dood in the head with a bottle in Madison, Wisconsin. Now, I’m not saying violence makes you good at music.
But it made me realize dood did have a little bit of heart. I mean, everyone in underground music had been clowning him except that guy from Fucked Up. And I noticed dood always had skateboards on his cover.
So I am assuming he has been kicked out skatespots, and hit people that who harrass with his skateboard before.
So I approached the new record, King Of the Beach< with an open mind. It is produced pretty well. The dood from Modest Mouse did it. I guess the Pitchfork Meme is that , Wavves= Nathan Williams, went to write Nevermind ended up making Dookie. I don’t know about that…but I think this song “Convertible Balloon” is good because it sounds like if the Beach Boys wrote Teach Me How to Doogie
Christmas Island and Feature Films open

  • Jzizzal

    What the hell is a dood and why do you use the word so much. Fucked with Wavves like what?? Oh yeah, this is why I come to donewaiting less and less….

    • womp womp

      why you mad?

  • weedsteeler

    i just love that you managed to refrence the duggie!
    this is the only thing that keeps me coming to done waiting!

  • hoesonmydick

    if you put that wavves song in the car, the bass hits a lot like it.
    would’nt be surpised if wavves jacked it from Cali Swag

  • weedsteeler

    but does it sound like a man’s in the trunk?


    Wavves was fun. Columbus peeps always sleep on the good shows. Like who is going to be there? MUsic about weed, skateboarding, being a loser, dropping out of school and the beach. I partied and had the most fun of everyone there.

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