Recently free music: Obviouslies, Branden Barnett

More and more bands are making their music free or “name your own price” on Bandcamp. This past week, Nick Schuld’s band Obviouslies made its album, Pinky, and two digital 7-inches available for whatever you want:

And Branden Barnett of Ghost Shirt posted a new freebie single from his upcoming solo record, along with a Neutral Milk Hotel cover:

I’m sure there are other Columbus albums & singles recently posted and/or made free on Bandcamp. Feel free to post ’em in the comments.

  • Stop by for a free listen/download to the Basement Diaries Series on bandcamp. We have 3 EPs with another one scheduled to drop in Aug. 2011. We have created an EP for every summer and winter for the last couple years. Poetic is a rapper from Columbus and Tone Mythology is a producer from White Plains New York.

    Thanks for giving us a listen!