Cult Ritual/Vile Gash at the L.O.D. Tonight

Two Flyers were made for tonights launch of VG affialiation with the Youth Attack Armee…


Martin Hugo Weiland’s flyer expresses the following things: that apparently Itanamullirks has been reinstated…a welcoming for thugs as long as they don’t use the nword, bword, or fword…as well as narcissticially reminding you that his brother is in Vile Gash.


Jimi Payne just wants to remind you that Angry Andy was rumored to be scurred of Christians. (not Weiland)

  • artful l.a. dodger
  • jill ebenezer

    The Cult Ritual record looks like a project pat record and sounds like kinda like B’last. I feel sorry for whoever didn’t take the manic ride on friday night.

  • wes flexner

    i liked it when the guy from cult ritual tried to hang himself. i also liked it when he picked up the cinderblock and contemplated throwing into the crowd then instead set it down and tried to bitch into it.