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House Show on June 23rd

Cult Ritual/Vile Gash at the L.O.D. Tonight

Two Flyers were made for tonights launch of VG affialiation with the Youth Attack Armee… Continue reading

Hell Hath No Fury:Our Night At the Judgement House

Hardcore bands,Black Dove, Reflect, and Brian Handle are playing at Carabar Tommorrow. Between groups, Angry Andy, Scotty Cockblock and Deathly Fighter’s Christian Wieland will be playing records. Here is a story about Angry Andy and I at a Hell House.

Sneak shot of Satan. Photos by Danielle Kline

I am assuming a lot of DW “friends” have seen the documentary Hell House. It’s about haunted houses put on by Christians in an attempt at scaring potential hellrotters into avoiding eternal damnation by accepting Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. If you haven’t seen it, you can prolly imagine would that entail. Basically shock tactics are used to show homosexuals, drug addicts, abortionists, and general non-repenters the unpleasentness of Dante’s Inferno that awaits.

A product of the Hell House movement are Judgement Houses. JH’s are haunted houses put on by Christians into an attempt scaring potential hellrotters into avoiding eternal damnation by accepting Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

I am not sure why they changed the name, but I am sure there was a meeting after the documentary and whoever is in charge of non-Islamic religion in America decided that “Judgement” sounds nicer than Hell.( sorta like cocaine user sounds better than crack addict.) Actually, to be less sardonic, they prolly honestly felt certain things needed to be toned down because their are some good people in the church.

Earlier in October, the homie Cashola, and I started googling around knowing that if GW was able to make the election close enough to fix twice with rural Ohio religious folk, then there had to be some Judgement Houses around. We located one at the Chillicothe Baptist Church. CBC is a religious collective that prides themselves on “Exalting the King and Expanding the Kingdom”. Later that week we scooped up Dkline, and Angry Andy, and much like after one passes Cassidy his patron so that he can have his drink and his two-step, it was on.

We went and hit the interstate.

After the jump, Youth groups debate the N word. Myspace is the devils web and net. We get to meet the devil, and Jesus. And even if you don’t believe in a Mystery spook, we can all bond over the Buckeyes.

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