Gibson Brothers, New Bomb Turks, Scrawl to Play at Columbus’ Parking Lot Blow Out

Gibson Brothers
Gibson Brothers

This year’s Parking Lot Blow Out @ Surly Girl, hosted by the Columbus Music Co-Op is bringing out all the big bands of yesteryear for one huge event. Headlining (in no particular order) will be New Bomb Turks, Scrawl, and The Gibson Brothers. Save the date: Saturday, July 10.

Each one of those bands headlining ALONE would make this a special event, but having all three under one tent is just insane.

New Bomb Turks play 1-2 shows in Columbus every year, if you’re lucky.

Scrawl plays every other year? Maybe even less than that.

Okay, so here’s the thing….. The Gibson Brothers haven’t played a show for 18 years! That is two years less than 20.

If you don’t know who the Gibson Brothers are, or why this is a big deal, this piece Mark Wyatt wrote for us will give you some background on the band. Basically if you’re into bands like JSBE or White Stripes, or any other band that has a twinge of garage sound to them, chances are they were inspired by the Gibson Brothers.

More bands to be announced soon. Book your flights now.

  • pat

    So…uh…speculating about comfest just became completely unnecessary?

  • I dunno how you did it?! i’ve been bothering Dan D. for years about this…

    So…uh…speculating about comfest just became completely unnecessary?

    pretty much…seeing how you can get drunk at the park any ol day. (to quote bo davis)

  • kyle

    Fuck Yes

  • Dana V. Hatch

    Comfest itself has become completely unnecessary.

  • Too bad the Cheater Slicks aren’t on the bill, too.

    • kranky

      Cheaters played last year.

  • J. Dutton

    add R.C. Mob, and I’ll walk up to see it.

  • Joel

    add no bands whatsoever, and i’m still so excited for this show. seriously. gibson brothers.

  • tom jones

    i’m walking up to see scrawl, i guess gibson bros is cream

  • lp

    How does this event work? I see in past years it’s been free(?). So one doesn’t have to get tickets for it? Does it fill to capacity? If I make plans to be in almighty Columbus that day how do I guarantee that I’ll be able to see the bands?

    • kranky

      don’t think it’s ever ‘sold out’, but that lot gets more crowded every year. I’d just get there early in the day and hang out.

  • J. Dutton

    I guess I dont gotta’ walk, we got two busloads of Memphis coming up already. I think I gotta’ ride.

  • Robert Greene

    May come out from L.A. California It will be one Hell of a show!!

  • Griff

    “Too bad the Cheater Slicks aren’t on the bill, too.”

    They will be playing a show the night of PLB. See you there.

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  • Jim Againster

    Gibson Brothers and the rock n roll Holy Grail that is New Bomb Turks!

    I can’t wait, first time I’ve experienced the Parking Lot Blowout. Comfest is completely unnecessary, specially after the lame duck that was the Offramp Stage this year.

    I got off work – what should my mindset be for this show? when should I arrive? will they be selling swill there or will I have to go to the nearby watering holes?