Get Right Columbus Third Anniversary @ Skully’s Photos

MP3-DJ Detox & Johnny Cashola-Get Your Mind Right Vol 1

MP3-Johnny Cashola-Money Motivational Music Vol 1

Lifted these photos from this guy’s Facebook page.
I wrote about Get Right in the Others Paper.. So if you wanna know the background about an event that had 940 people in and out of Skullys all night read-it.

After the jump look at bootys, disc jockeys and beautiful Americans.

Shit was bonkers. Envelope and I got there around midnight and DCKareem had to waive us in because Skullys was its capacity so there was a line-of people waiting for people that were leaving to have sexual intercourse to allow fashionable late party peoples entrance inĀ  pursuit of Columbus’ finest entertainment option.

When we got inside were really happy at how rowdy things were. Shit was bonkers, hood, ham, righteous, rad, trill, awesome, gully, whatever you want to say. There was a frenzy led by Human Boy Dirtnap.

Detox, Cashola and DC Kareem

and some point we all said to each other…’who the fuck are yall’ (they) but it was in the happiest sense of everyone was doing them.

gucci mane whiteboy wasted santanas town hold the floor i want to fuck every girl in the world.

get right. its outta sight.

  • awesome article wes. here is the correct link to “get your mind right”

    thanks to everyone that came out and to all the friends that helped out…


  • Wes Flexner

    fixed it…
    seriously the most epic local experience since Envelope at Comfest last year.

  • I just started to feel normal this morning. I felt like I was in a walking coma on Sunday. Best Get Right ever.

  • KFord

    I think that’s a great look for Columbus, peeps rocking out with each-other. good times for sure..

  • i had to dip out around 1am to pick up bar soap so my family could wash their butts in the morning. but it was my 1st getright and the energy was great. It’s like taking a drug where the only side effect is the next day you are singing in your head “pretty boy swag” and not sure on how that ended up there but laugh because it’s there.

    real talk

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