Rest In Peace Eyedea

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Eyedea performing “Even Shadows Have Shadows”.
Minnaepolis emcee Michael “Eyedea” Larson passed away today according to City Pages magazine in Minneapolis.

There is a facebook page set-up to help with funeral costs.

after the jump i ramble about my memory of bumping into Eyedea. And posted some videos that stick out in my mind.
I’m not an expert on Eyedea’s life or music by any means.

Seriously like two months ago, Cashola and I were out with Detox at the Eyedea & Abilities Skully’s show. Detox was flyering for the Camu Tao “King of Hearts” release party. Some asshole said some uninformed, negative shit about Camu to Detox. Detox was furious and waited outside for the guy. The guy came out and Detox confronted him, asking the guy what city he was from, and why he had the audacity to just mock someones death like it is a fun game.
And of course the guy was a smart-ass after being confronted.
Blueprint, Cashola and I tried to talk Detox out of hitting the guy. We have all learned that dead friends are the ultimate sore that people will constantly try to pick at and hurt you with. Not sure why this is, but we all all gone through it repeatedly. And you can’t win because it only hurts you. You can’t give people that power.

Detox’s arguement was, “fuck this fucking guy. fuck him.”
Eyedea stepped in, not knowing the situation and told Detox to calm down.
Detox said to Eyedea, “you don’t know what this about. ”
The Eyedea replied, “Dude you are right. I have no idea. You look like you are going through something. I’m sorry for interuppting”.
Then Eyedea looked at us with a really sympathetic smile and went back to leaning against a car on High Street in front of the venue and observing the confrontation.
Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and we left. It helped that Eyedea at least acknowlegded that Detox might be have a root reason to being upset.
Every interaction I ever had with Eyedea was like that.
He was weird as fuck, warm and genuine..
He’d try to help you hook up with a girl or talk about aliens. Sometimes at the same times.
I didn’t really know him like that, I’d just talk to him when would be in Columbus with Blueprint and Illogic

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They came up in the same Rhymesayers/Scribble Jam Circuit.

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The two Columbus rappers did an unreleased album with Eyedea, Aesoprock and Slug called the Orphanage

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here is the orphanage freestyling along with sage francis
Illogic twittered earlier thanking Eyedea for taking him, Przm and Bru Lei on their first tour.
Eyedea & Abilities played a Weightless New Years Party a few years ago.

Let’s get to the beginning…

Eyedea was both a battle champion and a poet. He made his name through the Blaze Battle and Scribble and also performing as part of Atmosphere back in like 1999.
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Eyedea vs. Peace of Freestyle Fellowship Scribble Jam 99

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Eyedea & Slug on the Wake Up Show

Then Eyedea kind of backed away from all that to make progressively weirder Hip Hop music on Rhymesayers and Epitaph.

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  • jonboywhite

    Good post sir. I honestly don’t know who you are but its nice to read your sentiments during this shitty time. So many people try to attach themselves to tragedy but you seem honest and genuine and I appreciate it. Take care brother.

  • womp womp

    nice post. R.I.P.

  • mayrobably

    brutal news. nice memorial post, some good links

  • Anthony Porter

    I used to see Eyedea perform everywhere there for awhile in the early 00’s. Dude could slay almost anyone in a battle.

  • Sack

    Had an Eyedea

    Cooling and soothing underneath the moon
    He was always one to please
    Take him before he explodes, far too soon
    I guess his day had already been seized

    He stood as tall as any of all
    And cowered to not a soul on stage
    He ripped deeper than planned when called
    He was a vicious tornado swelling with rage

    Clever and quick, his lyrics were sick
    He never followed one of the rest
    His victories kept accumulating, stacking up quick
    Even though most didn’t know him, to his friends and fans he was the best

  • david

    great story, kinda ties together eyedea and camu’s passing. Im taking eyedeas passing pretty ruff cause i knew him and im from minnesota.. so i was into eyedea more than camu, however I know they both passed and I send my love to both familys… and I did hear the new king of hearts my acmu.. its really good! sorry they both had to go so soon. i have been playing eyedea the last 4 days constantly.. exahusted love is my favorite evere. and eyedea is my all time favorite artist

  • Odeprot

    That’s an easing post. You just made my day sir