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The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney disses Spotify

I recently made the haul down to SXSW. I’m back in The Heartland and excited to be posting for Donewaiting once more. Below is a WGRD (Grand Rapids, MI) interview with Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney on the current state of Spotify. More soon.

>> The Black Keys: “Sean Parker Made Billions Stealing from Artists.” <<

Dave Kim (WGRD): “You and [guitarist/vocalist] Dan [Auerbach] have said before that it’s not monetarily beneficial to stream your whole album on things like Spotify.  Sean Parker, who started Napster and he’s a board member for Spotify, said last week at SXSW that Spotify will generate more revenue for the music industry in two years than iTunes.  Do you believe him?”

Carney: “No.”

Kim: “How come?”

Carney: “Because he’s an a–hole.  The guy has $2.5 billion he made from figuring out ways to steal royalties from artists, and that’s the bottom line. You can’t really trust anybody like that.”

“The idea of the streaming service – like Netflix for music – I’m totally not against that, it’s just that we won’t put all of our music on it until there are enough subscribers for it to make sense.  There are only about a million-and-a-half Spotify subscribers, I think, but if there were like, 200 million -”

Kim: “I think what I read is that one song has to be streamed about 66 times to equal one 99-cent download royalty-wise.”

Carney: “Yeah, the way they do those – it’s all kind of confusing – on a 99-cent download, the royalty that goes to the band is about 12 cents.”

Kim: “Wow.”

Carney: “So that’s what they’re doing.  66 plays will get a 12-cent royalty.  But then that goes to the label, and part of that is paid out to the artist from that.  You can’t make money on that – trust me – Dan and I like to make money.  If it was fair to the artist we would be involved in it, but it’s not.”

“I honestly don’t want to see Sean Parker succeed in anything, really.  I imagine that if Spotify does become something that people are willing to pay for, then I’m sure iTunes will just create their own service, and do it themselves.  And they’re actually more fair to artists.”

Ohio represented at SXSW 2012

Many Ohio bands are headed down to SXSW 2012. They will represent The Buckeye State in a whole slew of musical genres. If you’re in Austin this year, make sure to give our Ohioans some love.

Here are the Ohio bands playing official showcases only, loving culled from the SXSW site. Feel free to post anything we’ve missed in the comments. There are, of course, quite a few unofficial showcases with Ohio bands, so post those, too. (There’s also quite a discussion raging in the message board about the 2012 “We Are Columbus” showcase.)

Tuesday, March 14

The Seedy Seeds || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 9 pm
The Lions Rampant || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 10 pm
Whiskey Daredevils || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 11 pm
The Sundresses || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 12 am
Wussy || Cincinnati, OH || @ Soho Lounge || 1 am

Wednesday, March 14

Dual Core || Cincinnati, OH || @ Malaia || 10:15 pm
Pomegranates || Cincinnati, OH || @ Trinity Hall || 11:30 pm
Machine Gun Kelly || Cleveland, OH || @ The Belmont || 12:50 am
Puffy Areolas || Cleveland, OH || @ Valhalla || 1:20 am
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National Record Store Day is April 21, 2012

A reminder that National Record Store Day is April 21, 2012 this year. Per usual, many artists and labels will have limited-edition, RSD-only releases available. Nothing beats the aural, visual, tactile, and olfactory (smell those liner notes) of physical media. Support your local record store.

Kill Rock Stars’ Maggie Vail Starts CASH Music

Maggie Vail, a seventeen-year veteran of the off-kilt Kill Rock Stars imprint, has started CASH Music – a nonprofit organization that builds open source digital tools for musicians and labels (read Vail’s KRS departure press release here). Along with Co-Executive Director Jesse von Doom, the pair are “building a free and open platform that’s available to all artists, designed in partnership with the artists and labels who are members of our organization. What WordPress did for bloggers, we’re doing for musicians.”

CASH membership already includes Throwing Muses, Ted Leo, Xiu Xiu, Domino Recording Co, Frenchkiss Records, and more, so it looks like they’re off to a good start. The organization is raising funds via a Kickstarter campaign. Those who donate $10 or more before March 9 receive a digital compilation with exclusive tracks from Elliott Smith, Throwing Muses, Deerhunter, and more.

Motel Beds & Oh Condor EP Release @ Dayton’s Southpark Tavern tonight

Motel Beds and Oh Condor release dual EPs tonight (Saturday, Feb. 25) at Southpark Tavern in Dayton. Both EPs arrive on cassette (with digital download) – two in a line of boutique releases coming to you via Gas Daddy Go! Records.

GDG! was founded by former Guided By Voices/Swearing at Motorists drummer Don Thrasher and recently revived with now-bandmate Kyle Melton of Smug Brothers. Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece on Don Thrasher and his involvement with GBV, S@M, GDG! and more – coming very soon. For now:

Motel Beds + Oh Condor – Gas Daddy Go! – Dual EP Release Show
Saturday, February 25 – 8 PM
Dayton, OH – Southpark Tavern
with Pretty & Nice (Hardly Art) + Roley Yuma

Greetings from Dayton, Ohio

Donewaiting now has an outpost in Dayton, Ohio – birthplace of aviation, Zapp & Roger, The Ohio Players, Lakeside, Heatwave, The Osborne Brothers, Snooky YoungThe Breeders, Guided By Voices, Brainiac, and many more. Be on the lookout for pieces (both concise and lengthy) from the Gem City.