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Wednesday: Wilco doc at the Gateway

CD101(@102.5)’s Brian Phillips and Watershed’s Colin Gawel have teamed up for “Reelin’ & Rockin'” at the Gateway Film Center. Basically, the third Wednesday of every month Gawel and Phillips will screen a classic rock ‘n roll documentary on the big screen. (The bar opens at 6 and the movie starts at 7.) It’s Gawel’s hope that the series turns into a “nerdy music gathering once a month with beer but no live music.”

Last month was Gimme Shelter, and Wednesday’s film is I am Trying to Break Your Heart, which documented the making of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and all the problems the band had with its label, who, in the end (spoiler alert), ended up paying for the album twice.

Gawel also penned an essay at his site called “When Wilco stopped being a band and became a brand,” which is more of a tribute to and defense of Jay Bennett (the now deceased ex-Wilco member who’s a major part of the doc). It’s well-written and worth your time.

Check the Facebook page for more Reelin’ & Rockin’ info and to RSVP. Tickets are 5$ and all proceeds go to CD101 for the Kids.

Taco Odyssey Premier at Gateway Film Center Saturday

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From a bar to a theater, way to go dudes…

Per the book

Here we go again! From director Steve Anderson, 43 minutes of mouth watering action, panty dripping romance, and spicy scenarios. Showings at 9pm, 10:30pm, and midnight with the first two showings followed by a live one-song performance by Savage Pinkos and the third showing follwed by a live one-song performance by Sick Thrills. At that point, the theatre will be open to the public for a full set by Sick Thrills at 1am. This theatre has a capacity of 100 seats, so get there early if you want to see a particular showing, or buy your tickets in advance from the Gateway box office.

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