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Video: Watershed – “Manifesto”

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Directed by Milan Karcic. “Manifesto” is from the Columbus band’s recently released Brick & Mortar.

Listen to Watershed’s “Brick & Mortar”

Columbus rock vets Watershed release their first new full length CD in 6 years (!!!) today (I haven’t found a link to a place to actually order it however – when I find that link, I’ll post it). In the meantime, give it a preview below where you’ll find the familiar Midwest rock sounds (think Cheap Trick meets the Goo Goo Dolls meets The Replacements) from one of Columbus’s longest standing bands.

A couple of upcoming Watershed-related events to add to your calendar:

Tonight at Gateway: “End of the Century” Ramones doc

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The next installment of Reelin’ and Rockin’, brought to you by Colin Gawel and Brian Phillips, features the awesome Ramones documentary End of the Century. I remember seeing it at the Wex a couple years ago. Definitely in my top 10 rock docs.

Doors/bar 6pm, movie at 7pm. Tickets $5; all proceeds benefit CD101 for the Kids.

Wednesday: Wilco doc at the Gateway

CD101(@102.5)’s Brian Phillips and Watershed’s Colin Gawel have teamed up for “Reelin’ & Rockin'” at the Gateway Film Center. Basically, the third Wednesday of every month Gawel and Phillips will screen a classic rock ‘n roll documentary on the big screen. (The bar opens at 6 and the movie starts at 7.) It’s Gawel’s hope that the series turns into a “nerdy music gathering once a month with beer but no live music.”

Last month was Gimme Shelter, and Wednesday’s film is I am Trying to Break Your Heart, which documented the making of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and all the problems the band had with its label, who, in the end (spoiler alert), ended up paying for the album twice.

Gawel also penned an essay at his site called “When Wilco stopped being a band and became a brand,” which is more of a tribute to and defense of Jay Bennett (the now deceased ex-Wilco member who’s a major part of the doc). It’s well-written and worth your time.

Check the Facebook page for more Reelin’ & Rockin’ info and to RSVP. Tickets are 5$ and all proceeds go to CD101 for the Kids.

More local xmas songs

Colin Gawel has a new Christmas EP out called I Still Love Christmas, available at his website and all the usual digital retailers. Title track ($1):

You can also find Gawel’s “Try a Little Faith” (featuring Marcy Mays of Scrawl) on A Very Ohio Christmas.

Earwig is giving away the song “Next Christmas” off Lizard McGee and crew’s 2010 release Gibson Under Mountain:

I also noticed that Lizard is giving away an acoustic version of the record and a mini, 4-song version. I’d take him up on all these offers.

Wednesday in Columbus: Andymanathon Benefit

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MP3: Earwig – Trees

Every year around the holidays people in Columbus have rallied around Andyman Davis to raise money for CD101 for the Kids, and that hasn’t changed now that Andyman is gone. In fact, Andyman’s buddies from bands of Columbus past (and present) are stepping up to reunite for one night at the LC Pavilion just to raise money for CD101 for the Kids and the Andy Davis Memorial Fund. A quick rundown of who’s playing:

Howlin’ Maggie, fronted by former RC Mobster and Twilight Singer Happy Chichester. Not sure when the last Howlin Maggie reunion was, but it’s been over a year, I think. That’s the band’s 1996 video for “Alchohol” up there. Ex-major label.

Watershed has never officially “broke up,” but with co-writer/singer Joe Oestreich living out of state, gigs have been few and far between. Oestreich and Colin Gawel know their way around a hook, and it made them one of the most well-known and well-liked bands in the city. Like Cheap Trick meats Replacements. I don’t know of many Columbus bands Andyman loved more than Watershed. Also ex-major label.

Earwig is still alive and kicking, releasing its latest, Gibson Under Mountain, in May. Lizard McGee’s songwriting is remarkably consistent. Check out Chip’s Gibson breakdown if you missed it. And make sure you download the leadoff track, “Trees,” at the top of the post. Andyman always gave Earwig tons of support on CD101. Continue reading

Colin Gawel ranks every Cheap Trick song

Colin Gawel (Watershed) loves Cheap Trick, so much so that he ranked all of the band’s songs (apparently 184?) with some notes about most of them, links to videos, etc. Check it out here.

Colin Gawel and the Lonely Bones will kick off the Goodale Park Music Series Sunday afternoon, free at the gazebo from 12:30-2.

Video: Colin Gawel “Superior”

You know Colin Gawel from Watershed, or maybe his coffee shop in Columbus, or maybe because he’s a solid dude. He’s been releasing a lot of solo material and I was really impressed with the Ready-for-VH1 production quality for his latest video for the song “Superior.”

YouTube Preview Image

This is what Colin has to say about the video:

I would love to take credit for the video but the guys at Palestra Creative really did all of the work. They came up with the concept and found Geneva Hyman to play the lead. When it came time to cast the boy they asked if my six year old son Owen would be interested. He said he would do it under one condition, that i take him bowling after the shoot. I agreed.

With a limited budget, (obviously) we only had one day to shoot and got very lucky with the fog and patches of snow on the ground. For those interested in the writing of “Superior” visit www.colingawel.com and hit the video page.

Colin is playing Saturday @ The LC for CD101 Day.