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Friday: This One’s For Andy at Studio 35

Last year’s Andyman Tribute Concert at the LC paid a great tribute to the dearly-missed Columbus icon. The show, featuring six of Andyman’s favorite Columbus bands, was filmed and the resulting footage will be premiered tonight at Studio 35 Cinema and Drafthouse.

Doors open at 9pm and tickets are $7 (all ticket sales go to Andyman-a-Thon charities). DVDs will be available at the premiere (and hopefully afterwards for those who can’t attend) for $15.

Joel Oliphint’s Favorite Albums of 2010

If 2009 was the year of Larry Jon Wilson, 2010 was the year of Bill Fox and the Gibson Bros. I think I listened to Bill Fox’s two reissued albums — Shelter from the Smoke and Transit Byzantium — more than anything else. (Shelter got a deluxe vinyl reissue, and Scat promises a similar treatment for Transit in 2011.) Go get ’em. And working on a story about the Gibson Bros. reunion show back in July occupied my brainspace and held my interest for months. I don’t know if CDR has any copies of the Build a Raft reissue left, but if they do, it’s required listening for any Columbus music fan or anyone with a passing interest in twisted, noisy country/blues/rock.

But in terms of new stuff, here’s what I liked this year, starting with national releases and ending with Cowtown LPs.

1. Strand of Oaks – Pope Killdragon
I didn’t immediately hit repeat when I heard this album, but once I came back to it, I never stopped. Who knew a record with songs about John Belushi (from the perspective of Dan Akroyd), a 12-foot man and JFK could be so engrossing. Devastating, too. If you think Tim Showalter is just another pretty-voiced folkie, the layers of synth and Sabbath-like riffs on “Giant’s Despair” prove otherwise. The best way to get Killdragon digitally or on vinyl is through Strand of Oaks’ Kickstarter page.

2. The Black Keys – Brothers
Ditto Duffy.
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More local xmas songs

Colin Gawel has a new Christmas EP out called I Still Love Christmas, available at his website and all the usual digital retailers. Title track ($1):

You can also find Gawel’s “Try a Little Faith” (featuring Marcy Mays of Scrawl) on A Very Ohio Christmas.

Earwig is giving away the song “Next Christmas” off Lizard McGee and crew’s 2010 release Gibson Under Mountain:

I also noticed that Lizard is giving away an acoustic version of the record and a mini, 4-song version. I’d take him up on all these offers.

Wednesday in Columbus: Andymanathon Benefit

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: Earwig – Trees

Every year around the holidays people in Columbus have rallied around Andyman Davis to raise money for CD101 for the Kids, and that hasn’t changed now that Andyman is gone. In fact, Andyman’s buddies from bands of Columbus past (and present) are stepping up to reunite for one night at the LC Pavilion just to raise money for CD101 for the Kids and the Andy Davis Memorial Fund. A quick rundown of who’s playing:

Howlin’ Maggie, fronted by former RC Mobster and Twilight Singer Happy Chichester. Not sure when the last Howlin Maggie reunion was, but it’s been over a year, I think. That’s the band’s 1996 video for “Alchohol” up there. Ex-major label.

Watershed has never officially “broke up,” but with co-writer/singer Joe Oestreich living out of state, gigs have been few and far between. Oestreich and Colin Gawel know their way around a hook, and it made them one of the most well-known and well-liked bands in the city. Like Cheap Trick meats Replacements. I don’t know of many Columbus bands Andyman loved more than Watershed. Also ex-major label.

Earwig is still alive and kicking, releasing its latest, Gibson Under Mountain, in May. Lizard McGee’s songwriting is remarkably consistent. Check out Chip’s Gibson breakdown if you missed it. And make sure you download the leadoff track, “Trees,” at the top of the post. Andyman always gave Earwig tons of support on CD101. Continue reading

Earwig’s “Gibson Under Mountain” in stores now

Here’s the thing about Earwig, they’ve been nothing but consistent during the course of their long and storied history as part of the Columbus music scene. Anybody who has been following the band since the critically-acclaimed 1999 CD Perfect Past Tense (yes, I am well aware that this isn’t the FIRST Earwig CD) knows what an Earwig CD is going to sound like probably even before Lizard McGee has started dreaming about his next batch of songs. And that’s all cool, fool.

The players may have changed over the years (the current lineup, with Matt Wagner on bass and George Hondroulis on drums, is rock solid) but McGee’s songwriting style, which has always reminded me of the North Carolina “scene” of the early-to-mid ’90s (I’ll be damned if I didn’t confuse a Small23 CD for Earwig a few years back – just check out “True Zero Hook” by Small23), remains intact. The first three tracks (“Trees”, “Star Cross’d”, “Not About You”) are vintage sounding Earwig.

<a href="http://earwig.bandcamp.com/track/not-about-you">Not About You by Earwig</a>
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Friday in Columbus: Donewaiting Presents Catfish Haven, Earwig, Preston Furman, The Exceptionals

(Pretend this poster by Nick of Alison Rose also listed Preston Furman)

MP3: Devastator by Catfish Haven
MP3: Used Kids by Earwig

Catfish Haven played the Donewaiting.com SXSW show so we’re really happy to have them in Columbus. Last time they played town was with Lucero and lots of bottles broke. Their new album (out yesterday) is starting to get some great reviews.

Earwig is a Columbus institution. Always on target, always a lot of fun, I’m glad they’re playing the show. Preston Furman plays .5 shows a year so we’re glad they’re getting together for this one. And The Exceptionals are a great new-ish addition to the Columbus scene.

Show starts around 10. It’s free. It’s at Carabar. And you should be there too.

Earwig – “Used Kids” remix


Earwig’s still working it and HOLY CRAP is this remix of the fan favorite “Used Kids” nothing short of amazing. We love Earwig here at Donewaiting. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million more times (if I say it 100 times a day, it’ll only take me 27 or so years) Earwig’s got a hearty meat-and-potatoes midwest indie rock sound so to hear this techno/danceclub take on the song … damn, I NEVER would have seen that one coming. But here it is, the DJ Peter Carli (of XM radio) remix:

MP3: “Used Kids” (Radiation Room Remix)

To borrow a line from a song from my good friends The Damnwells, catch it while you can it’s the feel good hit of the summer.

Earwig’s next full band rock show (they’ve got an acoustic show in Reynoldsburg this week) is Friday, May 16 at the Rumba Cafe.

Here’s the MTV-ready video for the original version of “Used Kids” (thanks Lizard for basically writing your own article!).

YouTube Preview Image

PS: It should be noted that Ron House no longer works at Used Kids.

New Earwig Video: She Is a Witness

This video reminds me of a nightmare I’ve had on more than one occasion.

YouTube Preview Image