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Well. We May Be A Fly-Over State Again But….

There is so much going this weekend.

The biggest event will be today when this year’s Wexner Prize winner, Annie Leibovitz and Rolling Stone Publisher Jann S. Wenner will have a public conversation tonight @ the Wex @ 5:30 pm. More information and tickets here.

This event comes on the eve of Annie Leibovitz receiving the 14th Annual Wexner Prize, Saturday.

After Leibovitz receives her Wexner Prize during a private ceremony; The Wexner Center will celebrate it’s 23rd Year with a Gen Wex sponsored party called Last Shot which will feature DJ Venus XHailing from Harlem, Venus has been embraced by the music and art world because her eclectic blend of regional and worldly music whether it be electronic or traditional, with Hip Hop, pop and other musics.

Whatever the genre, Venus chop and screws, and utilizes various other song altering process to make the experience unique and exhilarating for the audience. Get Right’s DJ Detox will join Venus in making people have fun. TIcket info here.
For the story about the Annie Leibovitz-Keith Haring at the top  of the page and more stuff going in Columbus please jump.

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Annie Leibovitz To Hold A Public Conversation With Rolling Stone Publisher Jann S. Wenner

This year’s recipient of the 14th Annual Wexner Prize, Annie Leibovitz (pictured above)will have a public discussion with the publisher of Rolling Stone Magazine Jann S. Wenner (pictured below) on Friday, November 9th in the Mershon Auditorium at the Wexner Center at 5:30 pm. 

Leibovitz and Wenner have been friends for a longtime so this should be a very insightful conversation between two people that have interacted with and documented  a good bulk of what has defined American Culture during the past 40 Years.

If you have visited Leibovitz’s current Wexner exhibit then you already know that she has shot everyone from the Queen of England to P. Diddy to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Cindy Sherman to the Rolling Stones.

Wenner and Leibovitz have a lot to talk about.


Tickets to this  historic conversation are $20 general public, $15 Wexner Center members and seniors, and free for students. They are available here.

Leibovitz will receive the Wexner Prize during a private ceremony the following day on November 10th which is the 23rd Anniversary of the Wexner Center.

After the jump view a list of previous Wexner Prize Winners….

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