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Saturday at Skully’s / The Cordova Academy Glee Club interview

The Cordova Academy Glee Club


The Donewaiting audience probably isn’t familiar with the bands set to play at Skully’s on Saturday night – Philo, Bullet Jones, For the Drive, The Cordova Academy Glee Club, Pets or Meat. Part of the reason is because members of those bands don’t bombard the message board with show announcements save for Bullet Jones. Another big reason is because of the way these bands sound. Unabashedly unafraid to admit the influence of modern rock bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Muse, The Deftones, Saosin, Foo Fighters, and all the other bands that can be heard on both CD101 AND The Blitz, most of these bands represent Columbus’s best chance to get on the major label map. While I haven’t had the opportunity to listen to full lengths by any of the bands on the bill (hey guys, feel free to send me promo copies of your CDs if you’d like – hint, hint), the stuff I’ve heard on MySpace indicates bands that are just a record deal away from selling lots and lots of records to college-aged students.

The odd band out on the bill (because they aren’t a Columbus band) is The Cordova Academy Glee Club. Comprised of members of the early ’90s DIY pop-punk Philly band Weston, Cordova (for short) jumped on this bill after striking up a friendship with Philo this summer. My friend Jason, whose music tastes I respect, turned me onto these guys earlier this week and I’ve spent a lot of time listening to the band’s EP, Lie Until it Becomes the Truth. Described by RockErie.com as a mix of the Smashing Pumpkins, Echo and the Bunnymen, Pixies and U2, the band is currently sitting on a full length release scheduled to come out in early 2008.

I caught up with singer James Alex earlier today and you can read the interview following the jump.

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Devin the Dude is in fact the…..

Picture of Devin the Dude by Johnny Cashola using a Crayola Crayon

 Last Week, On the Floor brought Devin the Dood through Columbus on tour with Del the Funkee Homosapian, Bukue One, and a few other independent Hip Hop acts. Word about Del signing a contract with Def Jux, with an option for a Del-P album, after his first Jux album hadn’t traveled around, so most of the buzz was around Devin. Del had been here a million times, and the current state of Hip Hop in many ways celebrates Devin being from the South more than Del’s love of video games and rapping about absolutely nothing most of the time. I mean Devin was on the Chronic 2001. Del..his mainstream exposure is…the Gorillaz. Who for me are kinda like Coldplay for people that prefer anime over VH1. Thats not to say Del isn’t a legend and I didn’t pierce my nose, wear big headphones, big pants and skate with small wheels during Hiero’s heyday. I am just saying Devin the Dood seems a little more interesting these days than Del.

Any way Devin called me about 5pm day of the show, and asked me if it was cool for him to come kick at Mag’s after soundcheck. So of course I was like shoot through.

Pictures of me looking corny with Devin, and show review after the jump.

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