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Saturday: A Night at The Bluestone (A Queen tribute benefitting Project: Zero Hero)

Listen, I know this benefit show at The Bluestone is for a good cause – a portion of the proceeds from the concert will benefit Project: Zero Ohio, a local HIV/AIDS non-profit that strives to assure that local HIV/AIDS patients receive the medical care that they need – and I’m happy to do my part to help out, but the real draw is the amazing night of music show organizers have put together.

Headlining is Mr. Fahrenheit & The Loverboys, the Queen tribute band who will be celebrating the life of Freddie Mercury (who passed away 21 years ago) by performing all the Queen hits people know and love. But the tribute fun doesn’t end there – =Van Haken=, the city’s best (and only?) David Lee Roth-era Van Halen tribute band will be making us all forget that the real band canceled their Columbus date earlier this year.

The full schedule of events can be found after the jump – bands/set times/etc.
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Van Halen tour announcement coming soon?

This is sort of strange. Van Halen “announcing” a 2012 tour? No dates. No mention about a release date for a new album. No snippets of new songs in the video. Will this really happen or is this stunt going to backfire?

=Van Haken= “Everybody Wants Some” – live @ Kobo (10.28.11)

There were a lot of tributes going on Friday night in honor of Halloween at various clubs around town. I found myself at Kobo where Alert New London was performing at The Strokes, Speed Governor was performing as Nirvana, The Moving Parts were performing as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and members of Bicentennial Bear, Miranda Sound and Kopaz were performing as Van Haken.

In case you missed it, Sammy Hagar and Gary Cherone both were in attendance (Hagar holding a sign throughout Van Haken’s set that said, “Play Poundcake”) and in a surprise move, David Lee Roth invited the two to join the band for “Everybody Wants Some”. Here’s the result of the first time ever that all 3 singers shared the same stage.

Saturday: Bands reunite to play my birthday bash @ KOBO

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David Lee Lennon?

Does this mash-up work? I think maybe it does. Van Halen’s “Jump” vocals mixed with John Lennon’s “Imagine” music.

YouTube Preview Image

Happy birthday Diamond Dave!

David Lee Roth turns a young 54 today. Raise ’em, let’s see who salutes!

Van Halen … back on?

A little birdie told us this morning that the Van Halen tour (was it ever actually “officially” canceled?) is back on.

But they’re still not playing SXSW. And neither is Led Zeppelin. Or Radiohead.