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Video: Paris Graffiti Writers Going Cray to “N*ggas in Paris”

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(via 12oz & The Stark Life)

What’s Drugs My Dealer?

If you hate graffiti then this will cause seizures. These French Graffiti writers take fan art to the ultimate level. What!! You are now Watching the Throne.
The above video has Parisian vandals wrecking a clean train, and more to the Jay-z and Kanye’s smash hit. This is so naughty on so many levels.

Higher Level Art’s Mindblowing Mural at the 2011 Cincinnati Fringe Festival

The above video has the good dudes over at Higher Level Art doing a pretty fresh performance piece at this year’s Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

During the duration of the 10-day festival they create a mural goes through a zillion stages of graffiti.. Starting from tags, then moved on to fill-ins to rollers to a full scale production to eventually a layering of a buffed wall after getting dicked.

The only way this mural is completely enjoyed is through this video.

Read the full-description here.


Graffiti:TM7 Production in San Francisco:Ces Wand Ivory Keb

MP3:Kanye West-Lord Lord Lord (feat. Mos Def, Swizz Beatz, Raekwon & Charlie Wilson)

Columbus ex-pat Wand blazing a Bay Area wall TM7-style with Ces, Ivory, and Keb. Click on image to see it in its splendor.

Sest ID Cooks Up “Crime Pays” Burner In L.A.


Looks like graffiti writers fucking with Dipset is not just an Ohio thing. The homie Wands sent me this wall by Sest ID repping for Cam’s new album “Crime Pays” out in Los Angeles.

After the jump peep footage of Bucket doing a Cali freeway spot in L.A. with “Reppin Time” by Jim Jones in the background. Continue reading

Whodini at Club Ice Sunday

Video for Whodini’s-The Freaks Come Out At Night
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“After livin’ on the streets alone
Some years went by, I signed myself into a group home
I used to watch the show “I Dream of Jeannie”
And dreamt about “When will I be large like Whodini?”
But I was messin’ with graffiti on the subway “-KRS -“Outta Here”

When I was younger, I always wondered why KRS-One was listening to Whodini before he went bombing. Whodini dressed a little weird for me. This was back in 1994 when Tommy Hil and Timberlands were the uniform, so I wasn’t feeling the 80’s costumes. We were bumping Stretch & Bobbie before getting busy. Then I looked a little deeper at Whodini’s influence, Whether it was “One Love” that Nas lifted some from for his classic song, or even more recently “Friends” that Doom jacked, its evident these cats were huge when all of our icons were impressionable. Throw in “I’m a Ho”, “Big Mouth”, and of course “the Freaks Come Out At Night” which the video up top is from and it becomes really clear why a young KRS would daydream about being them. And you know its history when we are talking about a young KRS. Aight 80’s Babies?

The legendary group will be at Club Ice this Sunday, September 23. Tickets available at Talibs, Big Daddys, Money Mikes and Louies.