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Wu-Tang, Dipset, Slick Rick, Black Moon & Mobb Deep to Discuss Classic Albums in NY

The Red Bull Music Academy in New York is doing a 5 day symposium on 5 Classic albums from the 5 Boroughs from September 25-30th..

Wu-Tang Clan’s 36 Chambers,, Dipset ‘s Diplomatic Immunity, Black Moon’s Enta the Stage, Slick Rick’s The Great Adventures of Slick Rick and Mobb Deep’s the Infamous are the 5 Classics….wow. For more info visit the Red Bull Music Academy’s site.

Dipset Working With Dr. Dre?

Well, I guess my theory that Dipset will be part of a new launch of Roc-a-fella is completely off. It looks likes rumors of Dipset on being on Interscope might be a reality?
Jim Jones tweeted today that they just got out of the studio with Dr. Dre?

interesting that appherently as rich as Dre is, he only owns one Nautica shirt, and wore it to both Jay-z and Dipset record sessions?

Video: Blakroc “Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)”

YouTube Preview Image

Official video for the the Black Keys, Mos Def and Jimmy Jones Blakroc modern blues “Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo)” jump-off.

Blakroc in stores November 27th.

MP3: Blakroc (Black Keys x Jim Jones x Mos Def) “Hoochie Coo”

Photo Credit:Danielle Kline from last years Jim Jones show. Not to be confused with the one I am mentioning in this blurb.

MP3:The Black Keys ft. Mos Def and Jim Jones – Hoochie Coo –

Dipset shows in Columbus, and Jim Jones in paticular were always an interesting spectacle throughout the duration of the crews artist thug -in-residency here in the C-O because there was always an feeling in the air that admidst that there may be some sort of animosity in the room.

witnessing what maybe  the source of stress in jim jones life after the jump

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Sest ID Cooks Up “Crime Pays” Burner In L.A.


Looks like graffiti writers fucking with Dipset is not just an Ohio thing. The homie Wands sent me this wall by Sest ID repping for Cam’s new album “Crime Pays” out in Los Angeles.

After the jump peep footage of Bucket doing a Cali freeway spot in L.A. with “Reppin Time” by Jim Jones in the background. Continue reading

Cam’ron-I Hate My Job

YouTube Preview Image

The recent cover story of XXL magazine explained why no one in Dipset wants to hang out with Cam’ron. Cam had the Dips in exploitive contracts that he refused to discuss with them.  A good way to lose friends, especially if you also have penchant for divisive behaviors like prank calling 50 cent. Or getting on national TV and telling the world you wouldn’t call the police on serial killler if he lived next store to you.

The question the story couldn’t answer was:Where is Cam’ron?   Mr. Giles, normally a walking publicity stunt, has been especially silent. 

Well, looks as if  Cam  just been on the low turning in job applications because his girlfriend finds him to be a ne’erdowell.  I mean he sold Juelz Santana for 2 million dollars earlier this year so he should not be hurting for cash but who knows in this recession. 

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Columbus is Once Again Santana’s Town

I know some of y’all were geeked about going bonkers when Boosie was gonna rock “Wipe Me Down” and “Independant” at Major Woodys tommorrow. Well, the man with fresh jay’s and a questionable fade has dropped off the bill..BUT fear not…..

Juelz Santana has replaced Boosie on this show. So Saturday, February 9th will be the “Official Dipset Winter White Bash”. It says on the flyer that this is one event where you can wear your tall white tee, and not violate the dress code. Good to see the Dips are maintaining their Columbus presence.

QBC:Rebirth of A Dynasty

QBC’s Superbowl Bash is at Carabar tonight. The game will be shown on the big screen. Followed by a performance by QBC. And then a dance party Dejayed by Detox. I caught up with QBC before the big game.

Dallas Maverick and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Marc Cuban spoke on his idea of making his own league with the best college teams in a recent issue of Esquire. He talked of paying the players and using it as a farm system for the NBA, and NFL. While this is prolly never gonna come into fruition, there is already a new league with its own Dynasty. This dynasty is know as the Quarterback Club or QBC

It’s built by players that have been banned from the NFL. The players from QBC firmly believe that the game belongs to no man. And as they say, the game is to be sold not told, so every member of the Quarterback Club also raps. The interesting cross marketing tie-in is that all of these players rap and sell coke.

Howard Cokesell:We are at Eddie George’s Bar & Grill having a pre-Super Bowl meal with QBC. Would you guys please introduce yourselves?
Jun Elway:Quarterback. Starting Quarterback.
Boomer Assassin:Boomer Assassin.Bengals.
Dante Columbusrepper: Dante Columbusrepper. Killa
Young, Steve: Young, Steve

HC: What is the history of QBC?:
JE:I won the Punt, Pass and Kick as a foetus. I was bred for this game. I played 12 years in the NFL. I shanked NFL Commissioner Paul Taglibue. I got kicked out of the league. I played for the Destroyers.

HC:Wait you shanked the NFL Commissioner. Why did you do that?
JE: I shanked Paul Taglibue. He would’nt give me my money. I wanted all my Jersey profits. It’s my name. It doesn’t say Paul Taglibue on that motherfucker. It says Elway. The NFL standard is that the NFL gets 70 percent for your Jersey. Your likeness. I wanted 100 percent. They would’nt give it to me.
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Commercial for the New Cam Mixtape

YouTube Preview Image

From the looks of this commercial that Dipset just posted…. they plan on selling the mixtape next to the Apollo in Harlem, at 1o. Then are they gonna just wait for it to leak? I guess it will play out on youtube today. Could be an interesting use of the internet.  History in the making? Or am I just believing the hype?

Here is the cover:

Tracklisting after the jump:
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It Takes a Nation of Snitches to Hold Cam Back

http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=20690131 Oh boy. Cam’ron returns November 7th with a new mix-cd “Public Enemy Number 1”. He has launched a new Myspace account to promote this, Killa Cam Space. Above is a video announcing this glorious event.

In other Dipset new, Hell Rell discussed his disdain for Grove City in this Rawkus.com interview, saying “….screw Grove City. But I got love for the rest of Ohio, out there in the C.O, Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, Toledo, and Cleveland.”, in relation to his recent arrest in Central Ohio.