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Friday: The Eastern Sea @ The Basement

I’ve never met the Austin, Texas band The Eastern Sea but if sounds tell the story, I bet they are really nice guys. I know another band of really nice guys – Death Cab for Cutie – who I saw perform at Bernie’s “back in the day” (an old guy like me can say that and truly mean it) and I remember them sincerely thanking the audience for paying attention after each and every song. It comes as no surprise, then, that The Eastern Sea sort of occupies that same sonic space as Death Cab – nice and dreamy guitars, pretty harmonies, very non-threatening vocals.

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Discovered new music at the Easton Farmer’s Market – TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb

The wife and her friend had a booth set up at the Easton Farmer’s Market this afternoon so I swung by to offer some moral support. Camped out next to the Big Green Head tent was a band performing folk-infused whiskey blues (that sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). Not exactly sure what that means but it was acoustic-based music played by guys with beards, tattoos, and deep voices. I’m not saying we don’t have talent like that in Columbus, but their vibe said “out of towners” and sure enough, my daughter informed me that they had announced earlier in their set that they were from Philly and they were called TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb.

Stumbling across a great band like this, completely unexpected, is one of those great little moments in life that I wish happened more often. Hope these guys had a good time in Columbus and swing through here again.

Give TJ Kong and The Atomic Bomb’s 2010 release, Idiots, a listen and if you dig it, buy a digital copy from Bandcamp. (I bought a CD-R copy of Idiots from the band after their set – a great purchase!)

New track from the Woosley Band, “I Always Push the Button, Yes”

Ready for some new music from the Woosley Band? Here’s the first track from the band’s forthcoming full-length, Schizodestiny.

Self-described as “Guided By Wilco”, I think that’s pretty spot on. Here’s some evidence to support the claim.

Listen: Yuck – “Chew”; download single from Yuck side project, Parakeet

Yuck is trapped in the early ’90s. It’s as if their TVs only show vintage episodes of 120 Minutes, their local book store only carries issues of Alternative Press and CMJ from 1991, and the record store carries CDs and cassettes released between 1989 and 1993. After last year’s amazing self-titled homage to Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Superchunk, Yo La Tengo, Teenage Fanclub, etc., etc., they’ve now apparently moved to (or taken a slight diversion) to shoegazing bands like My Bloody Valentine with their new single, “Chew”.

Yuck bassist Mariko Doi has a side project called Parakeet that just posted a free track (“Tomorrow”) on Bandcamp.

Low Dark Hills – “After the Politics”

Months before I named The New Frontiers’ Mending my favorite release of 2008, the Texas-based band announced they were breaking up.

It’s been a quiet 3.5 years for the band members. When you’re absent from the music world for that long, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that the guys decided to give up playing music and enter the 9-to-5 world. And then, in early 2012, The New Frontiers Facebook page announced a new project called Low Dark Hills featuring 3 ex-New Frontiers band members.

I’m not really sure what the recording plans are, but Low Dark Hills released their debut song today on Bandcamp. Listen to “After the Politics” below.

Happy St. Patty’s Day from the George Elliot Underground

Check out this animated R-Rated video (language, nudity) for the brand new George Elliot Underground track, “Thee O’Malleys”, created by Electraplay’s Nathan Photos.

And while you’re at, treat yourself to a free download of GEU’s new 3-song EP, making it’s worldwide debut on Bandcamp today.

Tuesday night: Stepdad @ Carabar

MP3: “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails” (Way Yes remix)

Travis from (614) Magazine turned me onto the indie-dance-pop Michigan trio Stepdad led by a heavy-set, balding, heavily bearded bear going by the name of Ultramark. It’s the kind of thing the Care Bear dreams are made of. Yeah, it’s a Tuesday night but the show is a helluva lot cheaper (ie FREE) than what you’d pay to see like-sounding acts like MGMT and The Passion Pit.
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Moviola’s new track is NOT a David Lee Roth cover

When I first got the notice that Moviola was debuting a new track on Bandcamp called “Yankee Road”, I wondered to myself, “Why would these guys decide to cover David Lee Roth’s first hit as a solo artist?”

Then I realized DLR’s hit was “Yankee Rose” (“I’ll take a bottle of anything … and a glazed doughnut …. to go”).

There’s still time though. Moviola’s going to be giving away many new tunes, for free, in 2011 on their Bandcamp page so stay tuned – maybe they’ll cover DLR’s “Just Like Paradise”!