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Some Rap Joke Songs

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Masta Ace- Slaughtahouse

Last Friday, Odd Future Records “signed” a new artist Young N*gga. It seems like it might be Tyler, the Creator having fun. Listen for yourself..

It reminded me of Masta Ace’s song Slaughterhouse(video posted above) which is probably the reason the Westside Connection started. I don’t think Tyler detests rappers like Young N*gga quite like Masta Ace did Early 90’s CB4 types.

I think he is in between parody, and role playing on that one.

After the jump some more joke raps.

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MP3: Lil Wayne “Grove St. Party” (feat Lil B The Based God)

MP3: Lil Wayne – Grove St. Party (Freestyle) (feat. Lil B)

Lil Wayne teams up with Lil B the Based God over a Waka Beat off of Lil Wayne’s Sorry for the Wait.

Lil B Reveals “I’m Gay.(I’M Happy)” Album Cover Art & Lil Wayne Collab

Lil B the Based God leaked his album cover for I’m Gay. (I’m Happy) to Complex Magazine today. As you can see the cover depicts freedom and slavery. Lil B the Based God has also been twittering about song he did with Lil Wayne that will be on Wayne’s next mixtape, SORRY 4 THE WAIT The Road to the Carter 4.

No word if  Beyonce’s dinner partner at Burger King, Cazwell,is on the upcoming I’m Gay album.

Blank City Review By A Fan of Odd Future & Lil B Who Used to Write on Other Peoples Things

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Blank City

(Céline Danhier, 2010)

Unmade Beds / Permanent Vacation
// Double Feature
Fri, June 10–Sat, June 11, 2011  |  7:00PM
Wexner Center Film/Video Theater

Celine Danhier directed Blank City, which is a documentary about the No Wave Film movement that eventually ran into Hip Hop & graffiti’s move from the Bronx, and in general the art world.

I typed her name first so I would at least do 1 thing right in this review. I would tell you to google the other reviews, and they would tell you that Blank City gathers stories from people like Akron’s Jim Jarmusch, John Waters, Thurston Moore and Debbie Harry about the early 80’s community of thin, broke people with an excellent sense of style doing whatever it takes to utilize new developments that allowed movies to be made by just anyone, and be shown by just anyone in New York City.

You know kids writing their names big on trains? Well, frail pasty white folk were using film to write their images on anything.

So if you read this blog cause you like rap shit. Then you should watch this movie because eventually it ties in the scene from Wild Style where Lee was boffing that gallery lady to why you be looking at that junkie looking girl at the end of the bar.

Fab Five Freddy, Daze, and Charlie Ahearn are in the building.

Think about Lil B…. how everyone is mad that he can’t rap. But he also has really weird You-Tube videos and is thriving.

Somewhere in the movie, someone says the No Wave Movement rejected everything pre-1976. Think about Tyler, the Creator saying he hates people that only talk about 1994 rap. Continue reading

Video: Lil B Announces “I’M Gay” Album at Coachella

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Pitchfork tweeted that the greatest performance artist in the Twitter era, Lil B, is calling his album “I’m Gay” last night. Above is a Youtube video of the announcement.

Complex Magazine addressed Lil B’s sexuallity awhile back in this really humorous, and vulgar interview: Continue reading

MP3: Cornelius Jackson “April 2011 Moombah Mini Mix”

MP3: April 2011 Moombah MiniMix

Cornelius Jackson aka CJ Townsend is on the shortlist of people from Columbus that are out there trying to make something happen. Here is a mini-mix he just dropped. Peep him opening up for Lil B on April 29th.

Lil B & “the Swag Like Ohio” Tour Hit the Newport in Columbus, Ohio

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It seems like just a few months ago Lil B made our dreams come true with his hit song, “Swag Like Ohio”. Well, after saying “thank you based god” 1000x times, we have conjured Lil B for a #rare performance.

That’s right, your boy Lil B the Based God is playing the Newport Music Hall April 29th. Fly Union, Freaky Franz, Cornelius Jackson, Kreg & Dez, Kingpin and Johnny Cashola are also on the bill. The show is all ages and merely 22 dollars presale/25 at the door.
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MP3:Lil B-Swag Like Ohio


MP3:Lil B – Swag Like Ohio
Lil B made an Ohio song. On the song he says 30,000 for a feature..but if you are hood its only 10,000…and Ohio swag swag swag.
Maybe Lil B saw the video of CJ, Ralph Rude, Fly Union and other cooking…I have no idea. He does mention Carlos Rossi But CJ stand-up. Lil Franz stand-up. Fly U stand-up. Ralph Rude stand-up. Kreg and Dez stand-up. Johnny Cashola stand-up. Thought Set stand-up. Copywrite stand-up. Weedsteeler stand-up.
And everyone say, “Thank you based god.”

MP3: Lil B: T-Shirts and Buddens (Joe Buddens diss)

Lil B is at it again. This time going in on Joe Buddens.

MP3:Lil B- (The Pack) T Shirts And Buddens(Joe Buddens Diss)

I know how some of y’all feel about Lil B so this is going directly from my phones email to donewaiting.