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Video:L.e.-“Bulldog BMX”

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L.e. for the Uncool brings it on this video and reps Columbus properly. Footie of Ender, Rilla and others from the WTC. The video has effects that remind me of Pharcyde’s “Drop” with L.E. riding his BMX backwards at times. The song itself is a banger. L.E. raps with urgency over a bassline that will get stuck in your brain immediatley. Shots to Milk N Syrup’s Ralph Rude on the cameo.

Twitter Meets Graffiti

Some Graffiti writers thought it would be funny to “Turn their Swag On” via writing “Twitter” style status updates on walls this weekend

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Cincy writer Gamble in Italy. Heatrocks.

Ohio Writers Featured In Bench Warmers Number 7

Benchwarmers is a West Coast based dvd series that shows footage of Indie Hip Hop artists, and graffiti writers. The latest installment has a 15 Minute segment of Ohio writers that was documented by the Better Days people out of Cincy. In that section of the DVD ,I saw footie of IOK, RA, Droids, PBJ, BSA and more. There is a live action bombing sequence of Five, Arel, and Cern hitting rooftop in Cincy, and getting interupted by another writer from like 2002.Its kinda funny. The video also has interviews with NYC scumbar rapper/Mass Appeal contibuter R.A. the Ruggedman, weirdo rappers Shapeshifters and Bukue One, who opened up for Del and Devin the Dood on their latest tour. Below is the trailer for the DVD.

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Scribble Jam Flicks; Zero Namechecks El Jesus In Freestyle


2007 Scribble Jam happened this weekend. And for the first time in some time, I wasn’t there.
And am very happy because of it. If they would build a hotel with a pool adjacent to Annie’s, I would possibly go. But I am too old and miserable to stand around and listen to whiney white people making homoerotic insults that illustrate an intense sexual repression during the mc battle..

The graffiti is usually good though. I found these photos of IOK’s wall at America’s Largest Hip Hop Festival.

Zerostar also didn’t go to Scribble. He stayed at home, and played racketball.(True Story!)
When not playing sports, he recorded some freestyles. One is over DJ Przm’s instrumental that was originally used for Copywrite’s song Ten Times. The other is over Blueprint’s Lo-Fi Funk. In that Freestyle, he claims to use that El Jesus. Not sure what drug that is. But just when I thought everyone came to their senses and realized rappers and indie rockers have nothing in common, and have no business hanging out with each other, Zero suprised me.

MP3: Zero-Ten Times Freestyle
MP3: Zero-Lo Fi Funk Freestyle.

More Scribble Flicks After the Break
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Behold A Pale Horse(IOK Reunion)

“They say the end of the times is near, so I walk a righteous path, holding a beer.” Common

Graffiti crew IOK celebrated its 11 Anniversary in the Nasty Nati this weekend. Writers came in from all over the country for this reunion. I suspended my graffiti retirement for one day to get down on this production, which is on Bogarts in Cincy. Our theme was “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse”. It kinda cracks me up that in Columbus, people can’t even paint angels on a legal wall on High Street. But in the Queen City you can paint graphic depictions of the end of the world. Could you imagine this in Pearl Alley behind the Newport?


Character by Gamble IOK

More pictures of the IOK Reunion after the Jump.
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Graffithly from the Cincy Channels, and Scribble Jam 2006

Donewaiting.com’s Friendship Farm don’t cotton 100 percent to naughty natured vandals that are down wit’ OPP (or PBJ). However, the graffiti in this video is pretty harmless and the PBJ involvement is somewhat anon.

The footage is from my friends at Better Days, makers of a graffiti dvd series that documents work from all over the great United States with a strong focus on Ohioians.

This installment showcases pieces in the Cincy channels and Scribble Jam 2006.

The channels are a endless concrete playground for writers who don’t mind jumping over a huge sewage stream and are content with giving beers to homeless crackheads to pacify harassment and snitching. (The upside of the breaking the bums off with booze is they protect your burners sometimes. Even derelicts have their loyalties!!)
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