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Thursday in Columbus: Rival Schools at The Basement

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I don’t know if fanboy would be the correct nomenclature to describe my affinity for Rival Schools frontman Walter Schreilfels, and I don’t think nostalgia would do the man justice. The fact of the matter is, the now defunct “post-hardcore” band Quicksand, which Schreifels also fronted, is one of my favorite bands of all time and I was only able to catch them twice. I’ve yet to see Rival Schools, which I would essentially describe as a more mature, poppier Quicksand and if memory serves (which these days it does occasionally) they are yet to headline Columbus, which is what they are doing Thursday evening at the Basement, on tour for release “Pedals”.

I’ll be the asshole shouting out Quicksand song titles until I’m forcibly dragged out.

Balance and Composure and Hostage Calm open, tickets are $16.00 day of show, doors at 7.

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Lollapalooza 2011 – Day 3

I feared the big crowds at Lollapalooza, had no interest or desire to be stuck in the middle of tens of thousands of drunk and sweaty people. I got over that fear and decided to make the most of it, all culminating in Foo Fighters closing set on Sunday night. After a torrential downpour caused Lollapalooza to come to a halt in the early evening (at least it did on the south end of the park, delaying the Arctic Monkeys set), there was some question about whether or not the Foo Fighters would even have time to play.

As a veteran of Woodstock ’94, I’ve encountered muddy festivals and after the rain had ended (not permanently), the field in front of the Music Unlimited stage was nothing but a muddy, soupy mess. This actually allowed me to get much closer than I probably could have had it not rained. I met a couple who had come from Colombia and a guy who had come from Singapore (!!!!) just to attend Lollapalooza. All 3 were having the times of their lives and were excited for their first Foo Fighters show ever.

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Ten songs I want to hear at Lollapalooza this weekend

Feels a little weird to be calling this the 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza even though the festival did make it’s debut in 1991. There was a period of inactivity and the reformatting of the concept, going from a traveling alternative rock circus to an annual 3-day festival in Chicago that features many mainstream acts.

That being said, there’s plenty to see this coming weekend at Grant Park. Last week I spotlighted two lesser known acts performing this year – Midnight Conspiracy and Kyle Lucas & Captain Midnite over on Lollapalooza.com.

Here are ten songs I want to hear at Lollapalooza this weekend.

My Morning Jacket – “Victory Dance” (performing Saturday, 8pm, Bud Light stage)

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David Cobb’s SXSW band previews

Y’all remember David Cobb, don’t ya? David’s Houston Calling column was a staple of the Donewaiting site for a few years before it outgrew this site and spun off to it’s own domain (houstoncalling.net). David’s got the advantage of living in the same state as SXSW and while it’s not exactly a short bike ride from Houston to Austin, he’s still a lot closer to the mayhem than the rest of the DW staff. David has spent the last month interviewing bands appearing at SXSW that he likes (for houstoncalling.net) and bands that he was assigned to cover (for spinner.com). In case you missed out on any of these great interviews, here they are: