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Buy thenewno2’s new CD (digitally) for $5 this week

I thought Kevin Tihista was George Harrison’s son. Now you’re telling me he’s not? George’s real son, Dhani, has been kicking around with his band, thenewno2 (pronounced “The new number two”) since 2006 but have kept touring to a minimum. So, if you’re not familiar with thenewno2, that’s understandable.

The band’s second album, thefearofmissingout, was released today and, this week only, you can download the CD for $5 from Amazon. If you take advantage of this offer, it’ll be the best $5 you spend this week.

The curse, if you will, of the Beatles kids who wound up performing music (well, at least Julian and Sean Lennon) is that they sound like their dad and the case can clearly be made that Dhani inherited his dad’s voice. But, musically, there is more Radiohead influence than Beatles, and that makes for one of my favorite releases of 2012 (which I can say after only listening to whole thing one time through so far!).

Thursday: Joe Peppercorn & friends perform entire Beatles catalog @ KOBO

For the second year in a row, Joe Peppercorn (The Whiles, Watershed) will perform the Beatles catalog in it’s entirety AND in chronological order. It’s a massive undertaking and, fortunately, Peppercorn will get by with a little help from his friends (Parker Paul, Jesse Cooper, David Murphy, Branden Barnett, Chris Bolognese). The show starts at 4:30pm this afternoon at KOBO and cover is $5.

Read (614)’s story about how this came to be and what Peppercorn has been doing to prepare for the big day.

Here are the set times for the individual albums. The 215-song set list is after the jump.

Please Please Me 4:30
With The Beatles 5:20
Hard Day’s Night 6:10
… Beatles For Sale 6:50
HELP 7:30 PM
Rubber Soul 8:10 PM
Revolver 8:50 PM
Sgt Pepper 9:30 PM
Magical Mystery Tour 10:15 PM
White Album 11:15 PM
Yellow Submarine 12:35 AM
Let it Be 12;50 AM
Abbey Road 1:35 AM
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Video: Joe Peppercorn – “Strawberry Fields Forever” (+ photos)

If you didn’t catch Joe Pep covering every single Beatles song in one night at the Treehouse on Tuesday, here’s a little flavor of what you missed, courtesy of Super Desserts’ Justin Riley. Photos below, also from Riley — some from cellphone and some from his camera with a homemade fisheye lens. Continue reading

Joe Peppercorn plays every Beatles song in one night

I meant to post this earlier, but it’s happening right now at the Treehouse. For this last-Tuesday-of-the-month installment of “Classic Album Night” at the Treehouse, Joe Peppercorn of the Whiles is playing every Beatles song in chronological order. It started at 6pm, so, according to Mr. Colin Gawel, you already missed the keytar and drum-machine version of “Long Tall Sally” and some others. But I hear the Beatles wrote more than a few songs, so there’s still plenty to catch. Guests are also encouraged to play on songs they know. It’s free.

As Gawel said, “There are mortals like myself, and then superheroes like Joe Peppercorn.”

Post videos if you got ’em.