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Photos: The Treebar preview party

The Treebar (formally Treehouse) reopened it’s doors for a preview party this Friday. I was able to catch the Kyle Snowashes and Ghost Shirt.

Treebar Preview Party
December 23, 2011

Ghost Shirt

Kyle Snowashes

The tree

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Treehouse and namesake tree gone for good, but ‘The Tree Bar’ opening in former space

As reported previously, the beloved Columbus venue with a tree growing through the roof is gone. RIP Andyman’s Treehouse and The Treehouse. But Ghost Shirt bassist Ryan Haye is giving the space a fresh start with a new but familiar name – The Tree Bar.

Things of note:
– The tree is gone (but not forgotten). The stump will have a plaque dedicated to Andyman.
– Draft beer!
– New bar top, new carpet, new paint, etc.
– Lots of familiar faces are returning: Joe Peppercorn (& his open mic), Quinn Fallon behind the bar, Kyle Sowash booking the bands, etc.

It all kicks off on Dec. 23 with sets from The Kyle Sowashes, SPD GVNR, Low Men, Ghost Shirt and Two Cow Garage. The doors at 887 Chambers Rd. open at 8pm, music at 9. Full story and details coming in Thursday’s Other Paper. EDIT: Here’s the link to the story.

Treehouse Update: Bad Checks, Unpaid Taxes

Joel Oliphint, reporting for The Other Paper:

Currently, Liquor Control has three active cases against the Treehouse, two of which involve bad checks and one (the most recent) that involves a failure to pay taxes. A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 16.

Similar violations, including more bad checks and tax problems, date back to February 2009. The venue also temporarily lost its liquor license last summer. At the time, Palma explained that the venue was closed due to flooding. (full story)

Tax problems with Ohio venues seems to be popping up everywhere.

Treehouse closed indefinitely; Sowash resigns as booking contact

YouTube Preview Image

Treehouse booker and reliable dude Kyle Sowash just posted this on The Treehouse’s Facebook group page:

Treehouse patrons: On Friday, I resigned as the booking contact for the Treehouse for the past 2.5 years due to some really terrible things going on behind the scenes. As a result (of the terrible things happening behind the scenes, not me quitting), I got word on Saturday night that the bar is closed indefinitely. It’s a long, sad story I’ll tell you sometime if you see me out and about and want to know what happened. I wish I could have given you all more notice, but, like I said, I got word last night. It’s been a mostly great run (you know, despite the really terrible things going on behind the scenes). We had some amazing shows (local and national) happen here through the years, and I can’t thank you enough for your support. Anyways, I think I’ve contacted all the people who have set up shows there in the next couple months. If you’re reading this now and haven’t heard from me, I regret to inform you that your upcoming show is not going to happen at the Treehouse. Terribly sorry. Try Carabar, or Ace of Cups, or Rumba Cafe, or Cafe Bourbon St. or the Summit. Well, Treehouse patrons, thanks again for all the good times and rock and roll. See you around. Enjoy this Wesley Willis song. It’s, uh, pretty timely. – KS

Thanks for the good times, Kyle. We’ll keep you posted on what “closed indefinitely” means for the Treehouse.

Photos: Southeast Engine in Columbus

Bryan Duffie got some good shots of Southeast Engine at the Treehouse last Thursday (4/28):

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MP3: Dolfish – “I’m Proud of You, Joanna”

MP3: I’m Proud of You, Joanna

I used some ink on Dolfish in this week’s Other Paper, so I won’t rehash everything here, but suffice it to say Max Sollisch of Our Cat Philip and Arlo & the Otter has a new solo project that’s worth your time if you’ve liked any of his previous bands. It’s short, poppy and endearing (in a squeaky way). This MP3 from his new EP, Your Love is Bummin’ Me Out, tops out at 49 seconds.

Dolfish’s EP release show is tonight at the Treehouse with We are the Willows (from Minneapolis) and Ghost Shirt. More tour dates below. Continue reading

Joe Peppercorn plays every Beatles song in one night

I meant to post this earlier, but it’s happening right now at the Treehouse. For this last-Tuesday-of-the-month installment of “Classic Album Night” at the Treehouse, Joe Peppercorn of the Whiles is playing every Beatles song in chronological order. It started at 6pm, so, according to Mr. Colin Gawel, you already missed the keytar and drum-machine version of “Long Tall Sally” and some others. But I hear the Beatles wrote more than a few songs, so there’s still plenty to catch. Guests are also encouraged to play on songs they know. It’s free.

As Gawel said, “There are mortals like myself, and then superheroes like Joe Peppercorn.”

Post videos if you got ’em.

Tonight at the Treehouse: Southeast Engine

Adam Remnant and company never disappoint. New album, Canary, out late Feb/early March on Misra Records (now run by SEE’s drummer, Leo DeLuca). Before that, be on the lookout for a Misra comp titled Misra Records Presents: An Artist-Curated Misra Legacy Compilation.

Wednesday in Columbus: Jesse Malin acoustic at the Treehouse

MP3: Jesse Malin Daytrotter session

The ex-D Generation frontman 9 pm at the Treehouse for $5. With Ghost Shirt and Main Street Gospel. Continue reading

Saturday in Columbus: Bill Fox

YouTube Preview Image

MP3: Bill Fox – Electrocution

Yep, that’s two Columbus Bill Fox shows in two months. If you missed the last one at Lost Weekend Records, you’ve got a chance at redemption Saturday night at the Treehouse (10pm, $5). He’ll be accompanied by Esther Caulfield Orchestra and Pale Rider aka Moviola’s Jerry Dannemiller, who described Fox in this way for our first Overlooked in Ohio feature:

The legend of reclusive Cleveland folkie Bill Fox luckily hasn’t quite eclipsed that of his music, first with The Mice (who GBV learned a move or two from), and later with his never-get-old solo records. A Believer piece contributed to the legend in 2007, and maybe as a result, he played his first hometown shows earlier this year after a decade of hiding under a rock. A Columbus show (one can dream) would likely be inhabited by a paltry crowd: some New Bomb Turks, Bela, Moviola, and a few other knowing stragglers, but would be great to see him on a stage again.

With the Shelter from the Smoke reissue, a resurgence of live performances and a Nada Surf cover of that MP3 up there (off the 1998 Anyway Records comp I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records), 2010 is starting to feel like the year of the Fox.