I Know Some of Y’all Hate Fun..

Blueprint masked up for Halloween @ So What Wednesdays.

But I am like fuck it. I came across a Flickr account post by Bridget Eshbaugh that had lots of shots of people enjoying themselves at various recent events in Columbus


After the jump, photos from the Daymon Day Parade, Hangar 18, Saturday’s Chateau Awesome House Party, Get Right, Monotronix, and Party With the Universe

True Columbus Culture

RJD2 & Zerostar @ Daymon Day Parade

Rappers Getting Ready to Pay Tribute to Przm

Monotronix @ Bourbon Street

Monotronix @ Bourbon Street

Johnny Cashola & DJ Detox @ Get Right

Sweatin’s Scotty Cockblock Flossing his Severe Snitch Slaughter Shirt @ Get Right

Midwest Hip Hop Heavyweight DJ Top Speed @ So What Wednesdays Halloween Party

Zerostar dressed up as Mac Daddy of Kriss Kross for Halloween

Magnolia Thunderpussy’s Danielle Kline’s March of the Penguin’s Halloween

Def Jux’s Hangar 18 @ So What Wednesdays,Bourban Street

Alaska of Hangar 18

Dirtnap & CJ Resurrecting the Mental Dead @ the Egypt of the Midwest, Carabar

Partying With the Universe Crowd Shot @ the Egypt of the Midwest

Johnny Cashola Sporting that Egyptian Musk

Sweatin’s D & Rachel @ Chateau Awesome

Dj True Skills @ Chateau Awesome

Brooke, Dave and Erica

Geoff is taller than Jeff

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