DJ Detox-Joy Divisions Art Show Is Today Mix


Mp3:DJ Detox-Joy Division Mix

 DJ Detox of Get Right,and Channing/Carley/Raina’s house party fame created a mix of the Manchester Post-Punk group’s music  for today’s Joy Divisions Art Show .

The art show is  in the  front  the Columbus Metropolitian today from 2-7:30 pm. (Downtown)

Joy Divisions curated by Eva Ball is inspired by pretty much any angle you can take on Joy Division. From Nazi sex slave camps to song interptations to abstracted word associations.

(Ask yourself, Whats a Joy Division? The 2010 pick-up line) 

It’s a pretty thought provoking vechile.

I have an essay in the catalog. (I’m in a book, yo!) I deal with everything from Sex with Robots to public death.  (WTF that has do with Joy Division? It works.)

If you find me to be an idiot still come out because the  list of artists and writers that created work for this show and its catalog is pretty righteous. The lumininarys include but aren’t limited to Art Forum’s Mark Harris and  Ivy League  filmaker Mike Stickrod,(wudup sae)

Other artists and writers include Carmel Buckley, Hannah Barnes, Ryan Agnew, Sarah Bernat, Paul Simmons, Dan Olsen, Tina Matthews, Ian Ruffino, Laura Bratigan, Grant LaValley, Chad Shepherd, Nick Crane, Erica Bailey, Eva Ball, Josh Erb, Jen Burton,Marshall Barnes, and maybe Bangwash.

I know boy boy you are like, wow. But hold up, and say whoa because there will be a meal served at 630 pm.

Free food.(Krogers is in the building)

The homie Detox is dejaying the after party at Skylab..

The JD mix up here contains live, demo, edited and regular versions of Joy Divisions jawns blended and arranged in cohesive manner without having to get all fidget house or having to pay44.99 for those reissues.

(Next week I will post the tracklisting and maybe some analysis. It’s interesting to see what dejays pick up on)

 24 Party People pillz.

Also at the Skylab will be CDR-o-gee Tommy Jay, Anna Ranger,  Ginger Fetus and the dubbed out JD coverband, Jam Division . 

There is a 5 dollar cover for the afterparty that will go to show costs, and the local homeless shelter.

  • Gothra419

    i thought u hated goths. this mix is sweet:)

  • Larry Smith

    Didn’t care for the art at all. Just didn’t live up to the promise of the premise. It is a heavy and loaded concept for sure, and I was let down that the weight of the situation or the band it was named after was not dealt with in any meaningful way.

    Hearing Joy Division on vinyl blasting through the city was great though.

  • kanai_getuh_sipodat

    what’s even more thought provoking than the happening itself is WHAT THE FUCKING POINT IS! what is the point? can you tell me? is there any sort of cohesive statement being made? i think not. i think what’s happening here is just more irresponsible, post-modernist-backwash being shoved into the public eye without any sense of purpose or meaning. instead of saying “this was an atrocity that should never be revisited” etc. etc. it seems to be a simple documentation of horrible events that should not be glorified in any manor. and from the description, it seems to be presented in exactly that manor! making an art show of the filthy, awful things that nazi’s did to women during the war is not far off from hanging pictures of rape victims in a gallery as art pieces.

    i promote thought-provoking, conscientious art. this is irresponsible, blind usage of historical signifiers that point to the glorification (not condemnation) of the people who have committed, are committing, and will commit horrible crimes like this.

    • dubjunky

      who took the jam out of your doughnut?

  • Larry Smith

    kanai_getuh_sipodat, just a question for you. Did you actually see it? My problem is that there was nothing at all of what you described being shown.

    I have to disagree with your complaint because there was nothing there at all. The booklet had some interesting things in it, but the art was blank. Nothing spoke to anything close to how serious the subject is. There was nothing to provoke, and nothing to think about other than “How many fixed gear bikes can we fit on the lawn of the library?”

    • kanai_getuh_sipodat

      no, i didn’t go for the reasons i mentioned in my response. from your description, the show had to have been exactly how i imagined it: completely meaningless crap being carried out under a provocative title. if that’s what they were trying to convey, then hey… great job! they have successfully said nothing at all! and i’d understand that direction because that’s why Joy Division initially used that name: it was provactive. though sumner and hook were rumored to have had interest in nazi idealism, they weren’t fucking nazi’s. it was irony to them. i have the feeling, though, that the people involved in this art show also missed out on that irony and are probably sitting around at skylab right now drinking PBR and talking about how deep they think their art is.

      • wes flexner

        Amy Mallot has an essay in the catalog addressing the SS Sexual slave camps.

        So your preconceived notion is false.

        • kanai_getuh_sipodat

          hmm… one out of how many essays?

          and isn’t “preconceived” an awfully big word for you?

          • Wes Flexner

            I haven’t counted.

            A few things that may negate your concerns:

            -Michael Stickrod’s essay discusses his tenure working for the Fortnuff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies. He was hired for the Denkmal fur die ermordeten(Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe) project.
            This archive he cut and edited has over 4,300 testomonies from 10,000 hours of video tape and how that affected his approach to making his film that was in the show.

            -The curator Eva Ball brought up Adorno’s 1949 statement “it is barbaric to write poetry after Auschwietz” statement for the reader to think about.

            The whole catalog wasn’t about the holocaust though..

            There are plenty of writings applying the thoughts of Zizek, Foucalt, Lacan and others to the art in show and Joy Division.

            My main point is that, this show wasn’t a bunch of hipsters drawing swazi;s on waterski’s.

            It was professors, filmmakers, scholars, artists, filmmakers and intellectuals of various statures covering a lot ground.

            But none of it was done lightly or with the slightest attempt at irony.

            The show and after-party was well-attended. Homeless people got a meal. Joy Division was played in downtown open air. A lot catalogues were sold.

            So the true essence of this show is already resonating with a substantial amount of people.

            Sorry you missed it.

      • ns solider


  • mike carney

    i had to work, but the mix is great. as far as the argument that “Can i get a sip of that” posted. perhaps it is not the art that you are having trouble relating to, perhaps it is an internal delima having something to do with your inability to come to terms with your place on this earth. or it maybe something related to walking this planet feeling like an alien or some sort of shapeshifter. if the later is the case, i sympathize and my only advice to you is take comfort in the fact that you are just an alien, not a pervert… so i guess my point is things could be worse.

    • kanai_getuh_sipodat

      there is no “delima” (which is actually spelled “dilema”), there is only the stark truth that art is communication and should not be used in such an irresponsible, sloppy manor.

      • mike carney

        generally there is no truth permitted.

      • matt

        actually you are both incorrect. the proper spelling is dilemma. the spelling nazi can rest at last knowing that all is right with the world. did you like how i worked in the nazi reference. get it?

  • mike carney

    being a shapeshifter must be very tiresome and confusing. having the inability to identify oneself because of constant flux sounds really real. a good way to deal with that would be to maintain a firm grip on the things around you. i would probably prefer the symbolic real rather than the really real myself, so we seem to have more than a few things in common.

  • i skipped to hang out at the cap, with the yp’s…….

    the point of art is to make you feel something.
    if this show made you feel something it worked.
    if it didnt it was a show of fan art.
    fan art is cool.
    so again it worked.

  • LB

    all i know is the afterparty at Skylab was the shit.
    it may not have been really “deep” and thought provoking, though it was a good celebration of the band Joy Division. (imho)


  • Christian

    what’s so amazing about really deep thoughts?

  • Jack Handy

    I do art that wasn’t in the show. I’m mad.
    Illustrator/ pottery barn 4 lyfe.

  • jimi

    This is a really weird argument.

  • wes flexner

    david icke+zizek vs.