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Watch: Martin Hugo’s OJ Simpson T-Shirt Skylab Exhibit Unauthorized Preview

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Martin Hugo is sometimes called Martin Weedsteeler because of his output in the notorious Weedsteeler camp. He heavily influenced design in Columbus DIY. He also works a day job in the fashion world. Over the past few years Martin began collecting shirts that were sold outside the OJ Simpson Trial. He will share this collection tonight at Skylab. This collection causes the viewer to think about celebrity in America, racial and social issues as well as presents a moment of outsider design.

U-Weekly did a good story about this Exhibit . I made an unauthorized video that you can watch above.  Well, he said I could do it. But I haven’t shown it to him yet.  The audio is not perfect but it’s not terrible. Consider this Martin’s Exhibit Chopped and Screwed.

Show’s Catalog
The SkyLab Gallery is located at 57 East Gay Street, 5th Floor, Columbus, OH. Show Starts At 7 Tonight.

Video: The Hive Dwellers “Get In” Live @ Skylab 4/16/12

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The Hive Dwellers played at Skylab here in Columbus, Ohio on Monday. As you can see singer Calvin Johnson did not utilize a microphone, and they had their whole set-up completey designed to properly play in the intimate setting.

MP3: Skyblab Episode 1: October 2011 Podcast Ft. Roger Beebe, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Envelope + More

Download—>Skyblab:Skylab’s Podcast Episode 1 October 2011

Skylab is a DIY art/music space in downtown Columbus, Ohio that actually tries to do things that are relevant locally, and nationally.
All praises to Allah, Skylab now has a podcast called Skyblab.
This first installment boasts an interview with filmmaker Roger Beebe, readings by John M. Bennett and former Punk Planet editor/acclaimed author Anne Elizabeth Moore, new music by Envelope and Angels in America, and a drunken review of Jeffrey Eugenides’s The Marriage Plot.

Listen—->>Skyblab:Skylab’s Podcast Episode 1 October 2011

MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit/White Devil

MP3:the Unholy Two-White Devil
MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit

Say White Devil. I don’t trust you. I may have been speaking a bit blanket last week when I told Waka Flocka Flame that he was the last punk rock artist standing, Especially flawed when I live in Columbus Ohio, home of Vile Gash and Columbus Discount Records, (ie 2010 I’m still fucking with Necropolis)
I apologize but what do you do when Waka Flocka Flame is yelling at you?

In all short-sided, blatant negative hubris and a half-truths, Columbus Discount Records’ the UNHOLY TWO are actually the last Caucasian American Punk Rock band standing. I’ve seen Martin Weedsteeler declare to the heavens that only Adam Smith and Chris Lutsko are real. And Martin Weedsteeler usually only believes in the complete expliotation and disdain of music.

No, but Unholy Two doesn’t just have the cosignture of total shit maniacs. Adam Smith produced the upcoming Times New Viking album…… which even you most die-hard, it doesn’t exist if it didn’t happen at an open mic or a local’s only festival, loving your CITY to the point of not knowing or giving a fuck who MIke Repp or Jim Shepard is ……..must admit that you have seen the Times New Viking on the website you go to read about music on. And frontman Chris Lutsko is actually the only member of the Unholy Two because he no one wants to fully stand for his words but him.

Well, all half-baked hyperbole aside. Don’t take my word for it. Go see one of Unholy Two’s $$KUM OF THE EARTH release parties. November 6th at Skylab or one of their three New York shows. Or find their Nationally distributed record on shelves in finer record stores everywhere shortly there after.
When you move, at” the cool bars”, people will ask you if you have heard of or know this band.
New York release parties after the jump
And yes this is really stupid. T
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DJ Detox-Joy Divisions Art Show Is Today Mix


Mp3:DJ Detox-Joy Division Mix

 DJ Detox of Get Right,and Channing/Carley/Raina’s house party fame created a mix of the Manchester Post-Punk group’s music  for today’s Joy Divisions Art Show .

The art show is  in the  front  the Columbus Metropolitian today from 2-7:30 pm. (Downtown)

Joy Divisions curated by Eva Ball is inspired by pretty much any angle you can take on Joy Division. From Nazi sex slave camps to song interptations to abstracted word associations.

(Ask yourself, Whats a Joy Division? The 2010 pick-up line) 

It’s a pretty thought provoking vechile.

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Tonight: my [left] uterus Back in Columbus


MP3: No Hope

By all accounts, Tampa’s my [left] uterus was a raging success at Skylab back in January. Above you can see the boys working hard on their upcoming split cassette with Lazy Magnet. To celebrate their return to Skylab tonight as part of a week-long tour, m[l]u has graciously provided me with an MP3 of one of those new songs that was recorded yesterday (May 10th)! Hot out of the bedroom to your ears. Local support to be provided by Biff Boff Barf and Rage Against The Cage. Music starts around 9, so don’t be late.

Wednesday @ Skylab: my [left] uterus


Tomorrow night, Skylab will serve as the first out-of-state site on a month-long winter tour for Tampa’s my [left] uterus (or m[l]u for short).  In case you are wondering, the band is made up of two men, so there are no actual uteri involved.  Like their name, the duo’s music is also a mix of confrontational and goofy, shifting among many different noisy rock styles and screaming through them.  Between the two tracks below (recorded two weeks ago) and the four on myspace (link above), m[l]u touches on noisepunk annihilation, sludgy metal, and even some mini jam sessions.  The bare-basics setup at Skylab should be a very fitting backdrop for the two-man fury.

Providing opening sets will be Columbus’ own Rage Against The Cage and Forest.  RATC is billed as an a capella grunge choir and is masterminded by Sword Heaven‘s (and of numerous other projects) Aaron Hibbs.  I was kind of hoping that it was grunge covers, but that does not appear to be the case, and also appears to be much more exciting that way.  Check out the video below for proof.  Forest is the psycho-kraut project of some CCAD students, and as evidenced by the myspace tracks, their sound will definitely mesh well with the night’s proceedings.  Complete with a light show, the choice between dance party and spontaneous combustion will likely be difficult to make.

The show starts at 9pm and Skylab is asking for a $5 donation as cover.  However, if you have energy to burn beforehand, at 7pm Skylab will become Sportslab, where you can play basketball (knockout, 2-2), four square, double dutch and bunch of other weird games that the hosts invented.  Come to Skylab tomorrow for a unique night of athletic activity, otherworldly entertainment, and brotherhood.

MP3: eat – my [left] uterus
MP3: time to give up – my [left] uterus

Video: Rage Against The Cage Live!

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First Annual Ohio Experimental Music Festival Coming To Columbus

From Mark Van Fleet’s (of Sword Heaven) email bulletin:

NOV 30th -DEC 2nd

Friday the 30th at Bourbon St, Sat the 1st at Skylab, Sun the 2nd out in Delaware

Full line-up coming soon. Almost 30 acts from every corner of Ohio…

Should be interesting. Stay tuned…


More from MVF

Here is the final line-up for this thing. There was some talk of having a three day pay pal pass deal, but I think you are looking at 5 bucks on Fri, $5-10 on Sat, and $5 on Sun…

Cheap for so many bands, so bring money for merch, please.

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