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Terrastock 7 Rumblings, Highlights, Etc…

We are now only two weeks away from Terrastock 7, to be held in Louisville, KY, and it looks like Donewaiting has become the unofficial web home for previewing the event. So I’m here today persuade all of you who are on the fence about this great festival. At my count at least 37 bands from across the globe will be performing over the course of four days, June 19th-22nd. Full festival passes are still available and individual days are only $25 per day. It looks like there are a variety of lodging options out there too. Louisville is around a three hour drive from Columbus and less than two from Cincinnati and Indianapolis, so even a day-trip is within reason.

Rumors about special collaborations are beginning to pop up, and the one that has me really excited is the idea of Kawabata Makoto of thee most prolific Acid Mothers Temple sitting in with Louisville’s hometown heroes Sapat (pictured above). Continue reading

Mudhoney to Re-Open Cafe Bourbon St. Tonight

Seattle’s Mudhoney are coming to Columbus tonight after a couple of week’s worth of rumors about whether or not the show would go on. Cafe Bourbon St., the birthplace of all things Shitgaze, has been mysteriously closed since late-May.

But the show will indeed happen as planned. It looks like whatever was keeping Bourbon St.’s doors locked has been resolved, and it appears that Extreme Weiners will open sometime this week. Mudhoney may be the highest-profile group ever to perform in the tiny confines of the Washington Beach dive, considering their long and sturdy track record of solid releases and excellent live sets. The band are touring on the heels of their eighth full-length, The Lucky Ones. The Cheater Slicks and Grafton will open.

Terrastock 7 Preview: A Quick Chat with Wooden Shjips

photo courtesy Holy Mountain Records

San Francisco’s Wooden Shjips are the quintessential Terrastock band. Fuzzy, loose around the edges and classically Psychedelic, their unique brand of head music draws equal inspiration from Japanese rock, Kraut, modern minimalism and their lysergic fathers from the American West. To put it simply, their discography is essential listening for anyone even remotely interested in the Psychedelic with a capital “P”. I caught up with mainman Ripley Johnson in anticipation of the first of what will hopefully be many Terrastock slots. This is my top festival pick.

After a flurry of releases in 2007, we’ve had about seven straight months with zero Shjips material. What gives?

We’ve been putting more energy into playing live, which is what we did in the first half of 2007 as well. We have a split 7″ with The Heads coming out, which will be available on our July tour with them in Europe. We’re also finishing up our 2nd LP for Holy Mountain, which will be available in the fall. And our early vinyl releases have been compiled as “Vol 1″, and is out on Holy Mountain in June. There should be another 7” or two out this year.

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Legendary Reggae Producer Joe Gibbs RIP


Legendary Reggae Producer and Engineer Joe Gibbs died of a heart-attack last Thursday. His unique style can be heard on the original “Uptown Top Ranking” by Althea and Donna, a number of Dennis Brown records and most-notably on Culture’s all-time classic LP, Two Sevens Clash, as well as dozens of his own dub records. He was 65.

Full story.

Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: Deathly Fighter


MP3: Bloody Cup

Of all the bands on the current Columbus landscape, Deathly Fighter are the most difficult to pin down. Their first show sounded like an SPK groove on repeat. It was a fairly well-received set considering the number of ideas brought forth (1). Their next show was more distorted and antagonistic, clearing the room at Bourbon St. in about ten minutes. Their recordings explore an assortment of black and white sounds from early Hardcore to Industrial, classic Dub to Dubstep to House, without ever fully committing to a single genre. And then there’s the Deathly Fighter aesthetic, which may be more clearly defined than the music itself, with themes of sadomasochism, violence, cassette culture and DIY appearing in their graphic design and general presence. Though it is unclear exactly where Smoke, Christian and Mike will take Deathly Fighter next, one thing is certain: those looking for the same old rock will be disappointed. In the words of Zachery Allen Starkey, “I like Deathly Fighter”.

Deathly Fighter are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Sinkane, Grave Blankets, and This Moment in Black History. For more details, click here.

Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: Sinkane


To say that Sinkane mastermind Ahmed Gallab is ready to bust out in 2008 is an understatement. As he maps out a year’s worth of tour dates for his debut album, Color Voice – out on Emergency Umbrella Records in May, including a vinyl run that will feature picture discs – you kind of get a calm before the storm feeling from him. But then again Ahmed is always pretty chill. The album finds Gallab confidently in-control of the genres he truly loves: Chicago jazz-rock, afro-beat, a bit of shimmering post-hardcore, all pulled together with a touch of modern drone. His live show features a full ensemble of locals to flesh out his sound and has been turning heads the past few months around Columbus, as it’s unlike anything else you will find in this city.

Sinkane are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Deathly Fighter, Grave Blankets, and This Moment in Black History. For more details, click here.

Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: TMiBH


photo courtesy Scott Shaw/Cleveland Plain Dealer

This Moment in Black History are to Cleveland what an institution like Used Kids is to Columbus: the glue that holds a scene together and a no-nonsense monument to what is great about the city. Or better yet, TMiBH are to Cleveland what Leon Black is to Larry David on season six of Curb Your Enthusiasm: a watchdog to help keep things real, willing to both “get in that ass” and “bring the ruckus to the ladies”. At least they’re what I think of when I look back on the last ten years of Cleveland rock. From Bim Thomas’ pummeling drum lessons to Chris Kulcsar’s high-energy, cheap beer antics, This Moment bring it home both live and on record. Their latest LP, It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back, has been overlooked by far too many, at least in my circle of friends. Let’s not let that happen anymore people.

This Moment in Black History are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Deathly Fighter, Grave Blankets, and Sinkane. For more details, click here.

Donewaiting Year Five Friday Preview: Grave Blankets

photo by April Novak

MP3: Your Injured Ways

Chances are you’ve seen the Grave Blankets in one form or another over the last two years. Seems like they’ve played a variety of bills in every venue in town, laying under the radar despite releasing two excellent singles (technically one and a half) in 2007. Much like their peers in the Cheater Slicks, the husband-wife duo of Nick and Lula Perry (with a rotating cast of drummers) have found warmer receptions outside of Columbus, pulling together a few short tours and generating the interest of a handful of labels. With a national spotlight shining brightly on our capitol city, the GB’s may be Columbus’ best kept secret. Their constantly evolving sound has found them implementing keys and streamlining their songs into a fiery ball of brimstone rock. Look for 2008 to be a big year for them, as they hope to release another duo of singles and a debut full-length by the end of the year.

Grave Blankets are playing one of the two 5 Year Anniversary Shows. They’ll be at the Friday show at Carabar with Deathly Fighter, This Moment in Black History, and Sinkane. For more details, click here.

Lost Weekend Records Celebrates Fifth Year This Weekend

It looks like Donewaiting and Lost Weekend Records were born in the same month. A week before DW is set to celebrate a fifth birthday, Kyle Siegrist and his rapidly growing pile of records will celebrate theirs. In five short years Kyle’s shop has evolved from a tiny strip the size of a walk-in closet to his current space at 2960 N. High consisting of multiple rooms crammed full of used and new music. He’s an old-school record store clerk, willing to go the extra mile so that the music lovers in Columbus can find what they’re looking for. Each year Kyle puts on multiple shows and this season he has put together a diverse group of locals to convene this weekend at Ruby Tuesday:

Friday Feb. 8th 2008

8pm Chris Burney (from the Sun solo) – Happy Hour Set
9pm Red Dalhia
10pm Greenlawn Abbey
11pm Mors Ontologica
12pm Nakamura Lock (feat. Marcy from Scrawl, Pat from Bob City, Darrin and Geoff from Econothugs and Jeff from Girly Machine)
1am Penetrators

Saturday Feb. 9th 2008

8pm The Beatdowns – – Happy Hour Set
9pm TV Eye
10pm Second State Butchers
11pm The Patsys
12pm The Griefs
1am Grave Blankets

The Moon and Badtimes Look East, then South, for Tour

MP3: Wizardry

Columbus’ newest psychedelic sons, The Moon and Badtimes, are heading out on the road after having played only a handful of local dates since their debut this past Summer. What have they been doing with their time, you may wonder? Well, besides honing their mellotron chops, perfecting ‘tween song drone passages and unlocking the secret code to Guru Guru records, they’ve been converting a classic shuttle bus into an RV that will run on veggie oil. After a months-long search for all the right parts, it’s finally ready for some of that econo jam.


jan 24 – brooklyn, ny – tommy’s tavern
jan 25 – baltimore, md – talking head
jan 26 – providence, ri – easy axxess
jan 27 – northampton, ma – the elevens
jan 28 – brooklyn, ny – the cake shop
jan 29 – philly, pa – tba
jan 30 – richmond, va – nonesuch
jan 31 – chapel hill, nc – the reservoir
feb 1 – atlanta, ga – crackhouse
feb 2 – asheville, nc – fred’s speakeasy
feb 3 – chatanooga, tn – tba
feb 4 – nashville, tn – the 5 spot
feb 5 – little rock, ar – pete’s place of employment
feb 6 – st louis, mo – cbgb
feb 7 – lawrence, ks – tba
feb 8 – columbia, mo – eastside tavern
feb 9 – chicago, il – tba