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MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit/White Devil

MP3:the Unholy Two-White Devil
MP3:the Unholy Two-Sullivan Killed Benoit

Say White Devil. I don’t trust you. I may have been speaking a bit blanket last week when I told Waka Flocka Flame that he was the last punk rock artist standing, Especially flawed when I live in Columbus Ohio, home of Vile Gash and Columbus Discount Records, (ie 2010 I’m still fucking with Necropolis)
I apologize but what do you do when Waka Flocka Flame is yelling at you?

In all short-sided, blatant negative hubris and a half-truths, Columbus Discount Records’ the UNHOLY TWO are actually the last Caucasian American Punk Rock band standing. I’ve seen Martin Weedsteeler declare to the heavens that only Adam Smith and Chris Lutsko are real. And Martin Weedsteeler usually only believes in the complete expliotation and disdain of music.

No, but Unholy Two doesn’t just have the cosignture of total shit maniacs. Adam Smith produced the upcoming Times New Viking album…… which even you most die-hard, it doesn’t exist if it didn’t happen at an open mic or a local’s only festival, loving your CITY to the point of not knowing or giving a fuck who MIke Repp or Jim Shepard is ……..must admit that you have seen the Times New Viking on the website you go to read about music on. And frontman Chris Lutsko is actually the only member of the Unholy Two because he no one wants to fully stand for his words but him.

Well, all half-baked hyperbole aside. Don’t take my word for it. Go see one of Unholy Two’s $$KUM OF THE EARTH release parties. November 6th at Skylab or one of their three New York shows. Or find their Nationally distributed record on shelves in finer record stores everywhere shortly there after.
When you move, at” the cool bars”, people will ask you if you have heard of or know this band.
New York release parties after the jump
And yes this is really stupid. T
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MP3:Deathly Fighter-Depth Charge

MP3-Deathly Fighter- DEPTH CHARGE

To say Deathly Fighter’s Depth Charge sounds like the start of the end of the human condition would be very obvious. To say that you want to have outdoor sex on rubble, and run around with expensive robes and looted items is really obvious.
What would you do with lobsters at Krogers? And would you head to Easton, or the Horseshoe? Or would either be too much work to make a “come-up”?
Do you have guns?

Alot of my friends have been going to the gun shows on the low. They don’t even tell me. Do you have any friends that are stockpiling guns legally?
That is weird thing to think about when you are looking at the price of gas.
When someone tells you aliens will land anytime…do you act like you already knew that?
Do you like Obama or 5 Black Isrealites outside saying he is in the Illumanti more?

A.Your girlfriend would rather you shop at Easton.

This song is off Deathly Fighter’s excellent COMPLETELY DUSTED which is now available on Columbus DIscount Records

MP3:Copywrite-Three Story Building (Ft. Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm)

MP3:MP3:Copywrite: fDilated Peoples and MF Grimm- Three Story Building

Columbus rapper Copywrite teams up with Dilated Peoples and MF Grimm.
You have to give to Pete here. He is getting all these respected rappers on his project on the strength that he can rap.
The song is basically each rappers coming age story.
Copywrite’s album The Life and TImes of Peter Nelson in stores November 16th.