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Video: Odd Future “Rella”

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Odd Future drops Rella. The first song and video off of OF Tape Vol 2 which will be in stores 3/20. It has Hodgy having fun with virtual reality. Domo acts bad which leads to a meth sniffing centaur Tyler. They are rapping over a bonkers Left Brain beat. So this is basically a Mellowhigh song featuring Tyler, the Creator. National tour begins in Tempe, AZ on 3/9 and will include a pop up store and an exclusive showing of their new TV show, Loiter Squad, which debuts on Adult Swim on 3/25.

You can pre-order Odd Future Vol 2. here.

MP3: Wiz Khalifa & Domo Genesis “Ground Up”

MP3: Domo_Genesis_-_Ground_Up_feat._Wiz_Khalifa(produced by Cardo)

People tried to speculate there was beef between Odd Future & Wiz after straight edge Tyler, the Creator said ‘fuck Rollin’ Papers, I’m own a rebel flag rape whistle and some moonshine. i’m gonna cook meth and beat my children’ or whatever. Here we are with OF’s Domo and Wiz making music together. So there.

MP3: Earl Sweatshirt – “Home”

MP3: Home here

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt is Home?

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Listen: Nite Jewel – “In The Dark”

I just interviewed Nite Jewel aka Romana Gonzalez which will be on this site in a few days. Until then, you can peep out the second single “In the Dark” off her upcoming album, One Second of Love which drops March 6th, 2012 on Secretly Canadien. The album has Sade moments. It has Cluster moments. And it has Debbie Deb Moments. Makes perfect sense that the L.A. singer is cool with Peanut Butter Wolf, Dam Funk as well as Ariel Pink.

tourdates after the jump

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Common to Premiere “Sweet” TONIGHT on UStream – Proceeds go to J/P Haitian Relief Organization

Common is using the video premiere for his single Sweet to raise money for Haitian relief organization JPHRO which was founded by Sean Penn after the 2010 Earthquakes that struck Haiti.

The video can be seen tonight at 5pm PST/ 8pm Est via UStream for a donation of $1.

Sweet was shot in Haiti and the view of the 2010’s earthquakes devastation is captured as well as the beauty and power of the Haitian people and the land.

Common is also hosting a screening and cocktail party with Los Angeles Confidential Magazine tonight. Guests will be able to purchase photographs taken of Haiti during the filming of Sweet by Stephen Taylor, and also of a series of selected limited edition photos autographed by Common.

Again the all the proceeds from the video premiere and photograph sale go to Haitian relief organization JPHRO.

Common’s 9th studio album, The Dreamer/The Believer will be in stores on December 20th, 2011.

Cocktail Party Info:

Monday November 14, 2011
7-9pm PST.
861 North La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

MP3: Hodgy Beats “Crap” FT. Left Brain (OFWGKTA or Odd Future for short)

Hodgy Beats twittered this Crap. Hardy Har. But seriously, new song by Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats featuring Left Brain called Crap off of Hodgy’s upcoming Rock/Slab mixtape.
So I guess this would be a new MellowHype song.

MP3: Hodgy Beats- “CRAP” Ft. Left Brain

Video: the Internet (Odd Future’s Syd the Kid + Matt the Martian) “Cocaine” ft. Left Brain

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Ut oh…Odd Future’s feminine side has arrived.  And it is as equally disturbing even if the sound is prettier. The cocaine aspect is disturbing . Not the gay sex scene. Donewaiting would never be homophobic. And is Odd Future’s Syd the Kid the first Hip Hop artist to be openly gay in a video? Baby and Lil Wayne’s kiss doesn’t count.

The Internet
will release their debut album Purple Naked Ladies on Odd Future Records by the end of the year.

All jokes aside, You will be able to buy Cocaine straight from the internet, I mean, I-tunes tomorrow.

Listen to Love Song-1 and They Say by the Internet after the jump.
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Download Odd Future’s Domo Genesis “Under the Influence” Mixtape

Odd Future’s Domo Genesis just dropped a mixtape Under The Influence.

Download it from his tumblr.
If Tyler is the Eminem of OFWGKTA then Domo is the dude that rappers that grew up on the Roc-a-Fella era of Hip Hop can burn trees to.
I’m skimming through the tape as I post this….Domo raps over some classics like “Guess Whose Back” and that Game cellphone commercial beat.  Tyler, the Creator guests on that one, and answers the idea that Goblin was a failure.

Peep this freestyle with Tyler while you are waiting for Under the Influence to download.
Back cover with Tracklisting after the jump
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Comedy Video:Single White Females Ep 7 “Phoebe’s Guilt”

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Phoebe has a few post-coitus issues after doing it with her boss.