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Listen: DJ Drama Ft. Tyler, the Creator, Waka Flocka Flame & Debo “I’m a Hata”


Well, when I interviewed Waka Flocka Flame  awhile back he said Tyler, the Creator was gonna be on the Triple F Life album. Obviously that didn’t happen. But here we are with Tyler and Waka espousing hate  along with Debo over a DJ Drama beat

This is off DJ Drama’s upcoming Quality Street Music Album.

New ODD FUTURE Music ,Tour/Release Dates; Includes Columbus Show

Tyler, the Creator twittered a link to Odd Future’s tumblr that had tourdates and release dates. Tourdates include a Columbus, Ohio, September 12th show. full listing of tourdates at the bottom of this post.


Domo Genesis is dropping a mixtape with the motherfucking Alchemist on August 1st called No Idols. Above is a song from that tape called Elimination Chamber that features Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples and Action Bronson.

On October 2nd, Mellowhype will drop their new album Numbers. Hear a brand new jawn from Hodgy Beats & Left Brain called “La Bonita”.

More Odd Future News After the Jump

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Tyler, The Creator is Supportive of Frank Ocean Coming Out

Frank Ocean of Odd Future posted the following letter on his tumblr that spoke openly about homosexual feelings he has. This makes him the second openly gay member of Odd Future.

Tyler, the Creator who has been banned from playing festivals in the past for allegedly being a homophobe tweeted in support of Frank taking this step:

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Video: Odd Future – “NY (Ned Flander)”

YouTube Preview Image

Opposite day meets Lane Bryant on Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator new video (NY/Ned Flanders).

New OF album Vol 2. March 20th.

Video: Odd Future “Rella”

YouTube Preview Image

Odd Future drops Rella. The first song and video off of OF Tape Vol 2 which will be in stores 3/20. It has Hodgy having fun with virtual reality. Domo acts bad which leads to a meth sniffing centaur Tyler. They are rapping over a bonkers Left Brain beat. So this is basically a Mellowhigh song featuring Tyler, the Creator. National tour begins in Tempe, AZ on 3/9 and will include a pop up store and an exclusive showing of their new TV show, Loiter Squad, which debuts on Adult Swim on 3/25.

You can pre-order Odd Future Vol 2. here.

Tyler, The Creator Tells Vice His Craziest Party Story

YouTube Preview Image

Project X is a movie produced by Todd Phillips of The Hangover and Old School about High School kids trying to throw the ultimate party.

So Project X hit up Vice cause they figured they knew dudes that would have some wild things to say .  Here is Tyler, the Creator’s contribution to the VICE and Project X Present Party Legends webseries

For more info about the movie peep: Project X’s Facebook

For more info the web-series look at :Vice’s Facebook.

Videos: Tony Hawk Interviews Tyler, the Creator

YouTube Preview Image

Birdhouse’s Number #1 Birdman, Tony Hawk interviews Tyler, the Creator. Loads of cursing.
You also might want to look at Lil Wayne Skateboarding & And Waka Flocka hooking a random group of skaters up.

Interview: Waka Flocka Flame discusses “Triple F Life ” Album & Sarah Palin’s probable crush on him

Waka Flocka Flame had quite a year last year. Last time Donewaiting talked to him in October 2010,  he just dropped a classic with Flockavelli. We tipped Waka off that punk rock and metal kids mess with him.

In the coming year Waka campaigned for P.E.T.A. and the Atlanta rapper also embraced his role as the punk rock kid’s favourite rapper.

And that’s all side hustle really. This isn’t counting all the really huge things, like the smash hits, Hard in the Paint, and No Hands.  Or Ferrari Boyz and all of the mixtapes.

Waka is gearing up for a huge 2012. He’s prepping the Triple F Life album, which is slated for an early 2012 release with guests Drake, Tyler, the Creator, BSM and possibly both DMX, Nas and plenty more. I talked him on the phone yesterday, and he discussed the meaning of each of the F’s. I also asked him if would do it to Sarah Palin. Unfortunately, he did not know who Palin was. Well, please read this interview.

Shout out to Prince Kennedy for hooking it up.

ME: My name is Wes Flexner. I am with Donewaiting.com. How are you doing today?

Waka Flocka Flame: I am good.  I am on the tourbus.

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Video: Tyler, the Creator, MC Lyte, Childish Gambino on Cartoon Network’s the Regular Show

YouTube Preview Image

Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show stepped into the realm of the BET Cypher and had Tyler, the Creator, MC Lyte and Childish Gambino do the voices. Video is shaky but y’know. (clarification on voice-overs thanx to P4k.)

More Tyler/Childish Gambino Regular Show Cyphering after the jump
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Download Odd Future’s Domo Genesis “Under the Influence” Mixtape

Odd Future’s Domo Genesis just dropped a mixtape Under The Influence.

Download it from his tumblr.
If Tyler is the Eminem of OFWGKTA then Domo is the dude that rappers that grew up on the Roc-a-Fella era of Hip Hop can burn trees to.
I’m skimming through the tape as I post this….Domo raps over some classics like “Guess Whose Back” and that Game cellphone commercial beat.  Tyler, the Creator guests on that one, and answers the idea that Goblin was a failure.

Peep this freestyle with Tyler while you are waiting for Under the Influence to download.
Back cover with Tracklisting after the jump
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