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MP3: “Antrim” by Mike Shiflet

MP3: Antrim

Mike Shiflet has been getting a well deserved round of attention on his latest album, Llanos. People curious of the noise genre of music should definitely check out what he’s doing.

People of Columbus can see Mike Shiflet Marotta Hour series at the OSU Urban Arts Space.

Download the MP3 above or stream the entire album here:

PREVIOUSLY: Mike performed at our five year anniversary show. Read the interview here.

Notes on the Donewaiting.com 5 Year Anniversary

Some thoughts on the two record breaking events we had this weekend to celebrate the 5 year.

MIKE SHIFLET – really interesting stuff. loved the band. he mentioned in our interview with him that he’s hoping to do more shows with a band and i hope he follows up. it’s the making of something really cool.

MIRANDA SOUND – love the new stuff. i like when they play it a little heavier, something they don’t always do…. i think it adds a great extra layer to their music.

EL JESUS DE MAGICO – four years ago if you would have told me that i would have El Jesus play my 5 year party I would have laughed in your face. Things change, and I’m really happy that they did. Set was fucking FIERCE. can’t wait to hear their new album.

BRAINBOW/BLUEPRINT – I had intentionally stayed away from the rehersals because I wanted to experience the show for the first time with the crowd. And put it quite simply, I was stunned. Look, I love music, but this was seriously mind blowing. I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time.

Instead of Brainbow trying to recreate the music of Blueprint, they approached it from their own point of view. It was Blueprint. It was Brainbow. Neither band sacrificed their integrity or created some sort of Frankenstein rock/rap thing that was only a novelty. I say this with all seriousness, it was epic! When Print said it was their last song, I was heartbroken! I could have used 5 more songs. I didn’t want it to end, and that’s a sign of a good set. Leave us wanting more….

I know it took a lot of time for Print and Brainbow to practice for this event, and I am really thankful that they did. It means so much that they took on this experiment for the 5 year anniversary of the site, and I can’t show my appreciation enough.

PS: Bob Ray Starker and Leslie Jankowski (from Church of the Red Museum) added a horn section in two of the songs. What a nice touch! Oh man. So good.

We did bill this as a one time only thing, and I hope they consider maybe doing it again in the future. Or maybe not. Maybe in this internet age when everything is recorded, Youtubed, and distributed to the world, it’s nice to have a “YOU HAD TO BE THERE” thing. I’d be happy either way.

This was the biggest crowd we’ve ever had for a single donewaiting.com event. It was great.

Update: Youtubed! This is Brainbow/Blueprint performing “Liberated”. Picture quality is dark but it’s the music that matters.

YouTube Preview Image


GRAVE BLANKETS – first time seeing them, won’t be my last. Really good sound. The recorded material they’ve put out there doesn’t do them justice…. they are a great live band.

SINKANE – Ahmed has always been one of my favorite musicians in Columbus and it looks like he’s finally firmed up his vision of Sinkane. Their set was hypnotic. Really cool. And with a solid indie label putting their album out later this year, things are gonna explode! Can’t wait! AHMED I WANT A PICTURE DISC RECORD.

THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY – haven’t seen them since they opened up for YEah Yeah Yeahs in Cleveland a few years back. Good set, liked the energy. First mosh pit ever at a donewaiting event.

DEATHLY FIGHTER – I am a believer.

This Moment in Black History Video from the Show
YouTube Preview Image

Donewaiting Year Five Saturday Preview: Mike Shiflet


MP3: Version Belize

Musician Mike Shiflet is also the brains behind GMBY Records, an experimental/noise label based out of Columbus OH. After spending an extended period of time in Japan with his lady, Mike returned to the Buckeye state last summer and is slowly integrating back into American culture.

For his performance at the anniversary show on Saturday, he’s put together a really interesting band:

Joe Panzner (Scenic Railroads)
Kate Folmar (The Black Canary)
Jerry Dannemiller (Moviola)
Shane McKenzie (Lambsbread)

I sent Mike over some questions so you could get to know him better.

You’ve been releasing records for over ten years via your label, GMBY Records. How would you sum up the body of work?

Mike: The albums themselves were all over the place, but the artists who worked with the label were all pretty much on the same page personally. Some were internationally known in the experimental music world, some were just friends who no one had heard of, but the quality of their work was always high. The average music fan might not be able to tell the difference between a well-executed and a sloppy noise album – nor ever want to – but I’m really proud of the quality control over the years.

Recommended highlights from the catalog?

I’ve always loved the “Last Kiss Amatuer Frequencies” 7″ by Ashtray Navigations (British Siltbreeze artist from back in the day) and “Columbus, Ohio” by Kapotte Muziek, which was recorded at a festival I curated at the BLD in 2002. On a more local/regional level, the CDR “Sarira” by Bowling Green native Jason Zeh offers blissed out tape manipulation. These are all sold out but are most likely on your file-sharing network of choice.

What are some of the best/worst/strangest adjectives people have used to describe your music?

My favorite is a running faux-insult “broken radiator,” by Spencer Yeh of Burning Star Core. He recently upgraded it to “two broken radiators” which was oddly endearing. Besides that, there aren’t any good ones that come to mind.

Your last solo record was released on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace label. How’d that come about?

He’d been buying things from my label for a couple years was interested in working with both myself and the 16 Bitch Pile-Up. The girls and I had been talking for some time about doing a split LP, so when we finally got around to it we just approached him and asked if that was an idea he’d be into. Everything just kind of fell into place.

Tell me a little about the band you’ve assembled for Saturday’s show and what people should (or shouldn’t) expect.

I pulled a few people from local bands who had an understanding of what I do and were sympathetic to experimental music. The idea is to take something that is usually a rather messy electronic affair and translate it into something more musical and approachable. It could come across like Rachel’s covering Sword Heaven, maybe “avant-twee.” It should be a nice transition from Friday night’s raucous affair to the sets lined up afterward.

Mike Shiflet and Band will be performing with Miranda Sound, Brainbow and Blueprint, and El Jesus de Magico Saturday at Skullys. Click here for complete details.

Poster for Second Night of Donewaiting.com 5 Year Anniversary

Hand printed by Clint Reno.

This show is awesome 500 different ways, but the thing that you will probably never see again is Rhymesayers/Weightless/Soul Position rapper Blueprint performing his music in collaboration with music by Brainbow.

Details on both shows here.