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Monday: Diamond Plate opens for Overkill @ Screamin’ Willies

30-year thrash vets Overkill are obviously the draw on this Monday night Metal bill at Screamin’ Willies on the east side of Columbus but the bill is stacked with up-and-comers opening the show.

Diamond Plate can no longer be considered “kids” on the thrash metal scene, having formed in Chicago in 2004, but they are among the newer bands that pay homage to ’80s/’90s metal by assaulting listeners with furious guitar playing, machine-gun drumming and vocals that sound like the devil himself screaming in a lake of fire.

Diamond Plate’s 2011 full-length debut, Generation Why?, finds the band taking the Megadeth/Slayer/Anthrax sound found on their 2009 EP, Relativity, and moving into a metalcore direction, as evidenced primarily in the vocals. There’s still some melody found in Diamond Plate’s music which might piss off thrash purists, but these guys rank up among Warbringer and Havok as some of the better new “old school” thrash bands out there today.

Screamin’ Willies is located at 1921 Channingway Center Drive in the Reynoldsburg area. Tickets are $17 at the doors which open at 6pm. The full bill is: Overkill, Godforbid, Suidakra, Diamond Plate, Sourblood, Beneath the Sea.

Photos: Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax @ The LC

Tours sponsored by corporations aren’t bad when a) the corporation is Jagermeister and b) they feature 3 bands from 1991’s Clash of the Titans tour. There were Jager banners hanging all over the LC at the venue’s last outdoor show of the season and both the bands (Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax) and the MC (comedian Jim Florentine) made sure to get in Jager plugs whenever they could. Still, it was all good – a beautiful summer-like fall night with heavy, heavy music filling the night air.

Anthrax (set list)

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Podcast: Scott Ian (Anthrax) interview

Scott Ian of Anthrax is one of metal’s most recognizable characters. In addition to his 25 year career in the band, Ian’s also a regular fixture on VH1 and MTV when they run shows like “100 Greatest Metal Songs of All Time”.

I remember the first time I heard Anthrax, Z-Rock had “Indians”, from the 1987 release Among the Living, in rotation and played it alongside other metal bands of that time period though most were of the lipstick-and-leather variety. From that point on, I was hooked on the NYC-style thrash metal. Inadvertently, Scott turned me onto a slew of other bands simply by wearing those bands t-shirts in photo shoots for magazines like RIP, Circus and Hit Parader. It was because of one of these photos that I became a huge Fishbone fan (something you’ll hear briefly mentioned in my interview).

When Scott Ian called me a few weeks ago to talk about the Jagermeister Tour (stopping in Columbus this Sunday) featuring Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer, the 18-year-old in me was in awe.

DOWNLOAD: Scott Ian interview

Anthrax, Megadeth and Slayer play at Lifestyle Communities Pavilion on Sunday, October 11. Tickets are $45, day of show. Gates open at 6, Anthrax hits the stage at 6:55.

Favorite Albums of 2009 by Chip Midnight

Guess I’m not going to be looked at as a trendsetter this year. Believe me, I’m as surprised as anyone that my two favorite releases of the year were put out by bands that were active in the hair metal community in the late ’80s. But when I went back and scanned through iTunes to see what I listened to the most, these are the ones that were clear cut favorites.

1. Danger DangerRevolve
The best CD of 1989 was released 20 years late! This b-list hair metal band brought original singer Ted Poley back for a reunion album filled with big hooks (“Hearts on the Highway”), bigger choruses (“That’s What I’m Talking About”), songs about girls (“Rocket to Your Heart”), guitar solos (“Ghost of Love”), and power ballads (“Fugitive”). Def Leppard and Bon Jovi’s recent efforts didn’t sound nearly this good.
Listen: Keep On Keepin’ On

2. Ray WestAll Pointz West
Spread Eagle’s Ray West was my favorite singer from the sleaze-glam era (early ’90s). His solo debut may have been 15+ years in the making, but it was worth it as he updates Spread Eagle’s sound (which was similar to Skid Row, Guns N’ Roses, Motley Crue) by making it heavier and more aggressive (ala Godsmack, Disturbed, Killswitch Engage). I listened to this CD more than anything else this past summer.

3. The DamnwellsOne Last Century
My fears that The Damnwells were done were unjustified and proven false when the band released this FREE album in February. The older carryovers (“55 Pictures”, “Bastards of Midnight”, “Down with the Ship”) were my favorites initially but I grew to love the collaborations Alex Dezen did with his wife, Angela (“Dandelion”, “Like it Is”), just as much as anything the band has previously done.
Download:One Last Century (full CD)

4. Jason LytleYours Truly, The Commuter
Halfway through 2009, this album was my favorite. Though it’s billed under Lytle’s name, it’s really just an extension of the singer’s Grandaddy sound (spacey/dreamy indie-pop) and “Brand New Sun” may be one of the best, simplest pop songs released this year.
Watch: Brand New Sun

5. The Prairie CartelWhere Did All My People Go?
Blake Smith and Mike Willison hinted at their electro-pop/sample fascination as members of the short-lived alt.rock band Caviar but bring that fascination to full fruition (along with Local H’s Scott Lucas) on The Prairie Cartel’s long overdue debut (most of these songs were on a demo CD the guys gave me at SXSW back in ’07). The versatility of the music allows The Prairie Cartel to perform it live as either a full band or in a DJ setting with Lucas singing over pre-recorded sounds loaded onto an iPod.
Download: Beautiful Shadow

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Fool’s Crown CD release party tonight @ The Billiard Club

There’s all sorts of metal in Columbus – if there’s a certain niche you’re looking for, you’ll find it whether it be at some of the clubs (The Billiard Club, Alrosa, Ravari Room) or at CD stores (Magnolia Thunderpussy has an amazing metal selection). When it comes to HEAVY metal, my tastes run in the power/thrash metal genre, created or influenced-by early-to-mid ’90s bands like Pantera, Slayer, Mastodon, Lamb of God. Locally, no band does this sound better than Fool’s Crown. The band’s Up the Antics (released 01/07) was a culmination of 4 years of writing, practing, performing, solidifying the line-up, and recording and was an ideal compliment to Pantera’s Vulgar Display of Power.

MP3: Innocent Past Time Apology

Tonight – at the Billiard Club (911 E. Dublin-Granville Rd.) – Fool’s Crown will drop their second EP, Engraving the Scars. A well-executed follow-up to Up the Antics, Engraving the Scars turns it up a notch with more fierce vocals (I can barely understand anything Keith Lucas sings screams but I don’t care, it’s damn good), Laura Miller’s always-shredding guitar playing (it wouldn’t happen in a BILLION years but if Pantera ever decided to reform, Laura would be my pick to fill Dimebag’s shoes), and a POWERFUL rhythm section consisting of old pal Jim Swanson on bass and Matt Miller on drums. In late 2007, the mysteriously named “Z” joined Fool’s Crown on lead/rhythm guitar to thicken the band’s sound.

Not sure what time things kick off tonight or how much the cover is but joining Fool’s Crown will be Kingsblood, The C.O.A.S.T., and The Council.