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Pos 2 Gives Up Lost Columbus Hip Hop Tracks

Pos 2 of the Fonosluts opened up the vaults., and blessed the folks over at www.weightless.net with some rare recordings by Da Intalec, DJ Przm, Illogic, and Him & Me(Meta4ce+ Zero’s rap group).

Here is what Pos posted:

ok. so for the past year i have considered starting a blog but to do it right it seems it would be time consuming. time is something i don’t have very much of these days.so if i did have one it might go something like this(just to let you know, my writing skills suck…i just like the people to read the stories behind it)……

Tuesday, October 30th 2007!

The many projects……..

Copywrite calls me up this past weekend asking for some old songs he did years ago for a best of mixtape he’s about to drop. So while diggin thru my cd collection to find some tracks for him, I come across some Columbus goodies that have never seen the light of day. Some of these I have even forgot what they were and not sure how I even got my hands on them. Regardless, this is some shit I found on accident and would like to share with you….

This was given to me by Numeric about 3 years ago after he was going thru some of his old tapes and he had converted them to cd. This is from a show his group, Poets of Hersey, did with Intalec…THE MENTOR FOR THE CITY! …. at stache’s in ’94 (formely lil brothers). Some of the earliest recordings in Columbus hiphop history right here that I have ever heard. I could go on for days about Intalec and what he stood for in Columbus hiphop in the early/mid 90’s but that’s another time. Enjoy…….
MP3: Intalec live @ stache’s

Illogic, Przm, and Him & Me jawns after the jump

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Word to me. Zerostar MP3

Blueprint has been on the road throughout the Summer and Fall. This has left Zerostar without a producer. So he has been working on a mixtape to hold himself over until he can get busy on his follow-up to his much slept on “Forever Is Never Really That Long”. He texted me about this joint right here, and was like, “I think this shit I’m writing to Kanye’s “Flashin Lights” might be your fav shit when I record it. I namedrop you and its vulgar as fuck”.

MP3: Zerostar: Flashing Lights

Going Away Party For Juan Davis Tonight

Envelope will be performing tonight at Cafe Bourbon Street as part of a going away party for Weightless souljah Juan Davis. Here is a video of Juan doing his thug thizzle at Comfest.

Juan is moving to Cali to enlist in the hyphy movement. The war on Iraq and hyphy movement have very similar failures: popular in small regions but only resonating with white suburbanites nationally. So Juan is going to attempt to remedy that. Joking. Juan is moving to Cali to be warm and live with his girlfriend.

Juan is an intergal part of Hip Hop scene in Columbus. When I first met him, he had just been featured in the Dispatch as a spoken word poet. I think that was like 2000. He had a stint at the Alive. I remember him reviewing the famous Aesoprock/Weightless/MHZ/Atom’s show at DIY venue Thieve’s World. I was just a vandal then, and was stoked that writers got mentioned in the paper for their help in the event. Juan went on to being a crucial behind the scenes person in Bustown Rap, assisting Blueprint, Illogic, and anyone close to Weightless Camp for like 7 years. Hell. I ran into him at Barnes and Noble today, and he gave me a ride home.
He will be missed.

He posted his merch learnings here on Donewaiting.

Blueprint + Zero Tonight At Cafe Bourbon Street.

Blueprint and Zero Star are performing at So What Wednesdays, which is located at Cafe Bourbon Street in Columbus, tonight.
Here is a quick interview I did with Printmatic.

Wes Flexner-What are a few Hip Hop Weeklies that stick out in your mind?
Blueprint-Ohio would be Bernies(Fonosluts) Columbus #1, and Topcats #2. They were the best hiphop nights I’ve ever been to for different reasons…Bernies was rowdy on some youth angst clash of cultures type shit, and the music was really diverse. Topcats was dope only because it was the only outlet in a city with no outlets, and because people used to get regulated on so quickly. A lot more beatdowns at Topcats, but a lot more classic hiphop moments at Bernies. Topcats also had that straight edge, grafitti writer, hip hop head, meets g rapper element to it. That was the last place I battled at with regularity because you could guarantee it would be against somebody who hadn’t heard of me.Bernies was a place you had to earn respect before you got the mic at, and Topcats wasn’t really.

WF-How long did Top Cats go on for? I know Bernies went on for like 6 years.
Blueprint-Top cats was about 5 years.

WF-Girls Girls Girls. Why do most Hip Hop nights struggle on the girl tip?
Blueprint-Because dudes who aren’t around enough women put hiphop nights together. Most dudes don’t even acknowledge the fun factor, and the fun factor runs hand in hand with the female factor. If the women come to your event then you’re doing something right. Not that it has to be girly music but its gotta be something normal people ie Women can relate to. Dudes just wanna rap and get glory. Girls just wanna have fun. You have to meet somewhere in the middle to get girls out.

After the jump, Print gives hip hop dorks lessons on meeting women. He discusses future music and touring plans, and tells me how Envelope earned the nickname “the white ODB”.

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