Diplo in Columbus Review

800 people paid 12-20 dollars to see Diplo in Columbus,Ohio.
For good reason. He invented anything that matters currently in the world of dancing. I mean…do I need to point out how before Diplo it was either James Brown or staying home because nerds wanted to play drum n bass?
I mean he made all of us ex-backpackers or hardcore kids into club goers kinda.
Anyway, after the jump I will recap the show.

Pictures by Danielle Kline may vary due the fact that she took 423 of them. But they are all better then the ones I took on my cellphone camera

Johnny Cashola & Dave Espionage held down the patio.
Everyone I knew was kicking it out there because it was a nice night.
There were too many people I knew. Diplo in Columbus is something I personnally planned on enjoying. So I had to avoid the washed-up bittermen, and the sometimes heartfelt but energy draining hip hopharlots.
So I hunted down Schoolboy and asked him if there I could hide to avoid having a anxiety attack. All of Columbus was out.
It was kinda like a more attractive comfest.

I ran into Diplo in VIP. Turns out he is really close with RJD2. Which make sense because last time Diplo was in town dood was opening for RJ @ Little Brothers.
We discussed coming from a background of backpacker and ending up elsewhere due to liking music.
Diplo was pretty familar with Columbus, having heard of Blueprint, Times New Viking & Pyschedelic Horseshit.
He actually told me a story about the worst experience he had performing involving a show he did with Print & RJ in Cleveland.
Wasn’t Print’s fault. Just some of the Echo rocking ugly weren’t ready.
Diplo was also stoked on Adulture set who was slaying the crowd at the time.

I told Diplo that Adulture was mad young & was going to be grounded for staying out too late.

Diplo took the Skullys stage & immeadeatly lit it up with some classic house.
Diplo played dubstep. Diplo was recently aiding Lil Jon for the King of Krunks dubstep album.
I like dubstep but there is a strong fear I have of it ushering back in Drum N Bass.
Diplo played Baille Funk. And he played some of his own stuff like “Must Be A Devil”.


As some point all the moisture and mayhem shorted out a battery in Diplo’s equiptmen causing a brief stopage. It didn’t kill the mood. It added to the house party feeling.
At 2:00 am Diplo went “Get Right”, playing “Turn My Swag On” , Gucci Mane, Big Al “I Came Up” setting up……

SANTANA’S TOWN I had written an open letter to Diplo requesting he play Santana’s Town here on donewaiting. Diplo had read it. Much to the amusement of host CJ Townsend & Sweatin promoter Scotty Neimet.

Diplo played Santana’s Town for about 30 seconds. Most of the local’s that wanted the song were dancing on stage so it didn’t start riots it usually does.
He then dropped “Bigger than Hip Hop” which got a pretty good response from the college crowd.
Diplo eventually dropped “Papers Planes” & then did that thing that every dejay always does when MIA says “no one on the corner has swagger like us” which leads into a double-up of”Swagger Like Us” by TI and company. (only plus of scribble jam being canceled is not having to see to what beatboxers and turntablists would do with those two songs)
Diplo got a grammy for that one so who could blame him for dropping those joints.
And then he gave largely white alt female crowd their third orgasm by playing “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.

Not all alt females were happy.Bridget here is really angry with Diplo for cutting “Santana’s Town” short. And was demanding to hear more Dipset or for “Santana’s Town” to be played again.

“What do you mean you can’t play it again. I don’t understand”-Bridget
“That song is like 5 years old & I don’t even play my own song twice”-Diplo
This moment ended up on Diplo’s Twitter.

Garret from Adulture tells Diplo that while Dipset is well requested in Columbus; it’s ok. We like fidget house too.

The soundman cuts Diplo off. Diplo requests another song.

The crowd demands another song. The locals on stage are screaming for “I Used to get it in Ohio”


Diplo drops some indie rock song I have never heard in my life. I am gonna go ahead and just sat it was Matt & Kim because CJ knew the words. But the crowd knew it and went nuts….


And what happens in hipsterville when the doors are shut and everything is closed?

No cociane. Instead I strike up a convo with Diplo’s ace Cullen Stalin about Master Fard Muhammed.

We were both really amused at Malachi Z York’s depiction of Fard in a lot of Z. York’s scrolls.
(for those playing along at home. Master Fard Muhammed is the man that came from New Zealand to create the Nation of Islam in the wilderness of North America.
Of course Malachi Z. York is a household name for being wrongly incarcerated.

Diplo came up to me and was like “what the fuck man. I played your Santana’s Town. And that girl would stop yelling at me to play it again.”

This led to a series of girls argueing with Diplo about not playing Pac. Or the wrong Gucci Mane song.

I truelly loved Columbus at that moment.
It’s 330 am. Diplo is explaining why he didn’t play Pac.

Diplo & I had a discussion on how Cleveland’s Fat Al didn’t kill with that crowd. I told Diplo if it was downtown it would’ve. Schoolboy pointed out if with were between Summit Forth it would as well.

I felt liek Diplo kinda proved a point by dropping ‘bigger than hip hop” and then “Paper Planes”.

His movement goes beyond wanting to heard krunk or gangster shit these days. It’s truely about music. He is on his Afrika Bambatta, searching for the perfect break shit.

I mean those songs are old as dirt.

I accused Diplo of being friends with Jay-z for kicks. He said he likes both. He prolly is friends with Jay-z. I mean they did get a grammy together. Who could blame him.

Then he suggested we take photo’s throwing up Dipset so Columbus knows that even though he has never heard “I Used to Get It in Ohio” he has respect for the Dips.

Dood is cool as fuck. And Columbus is silly as hell.
In a good way.
The show that was 4 years in the making was perfect.


  • fuckn tight revy……

    sorta wish i hadnt been feeln myself at details that night….whateves.


  • india_1

    i liked your review of the show more than being at the show.

  • wes flexner

    india 1,

    yeah. had friends who had varied experience depending on their enviroment.
    i can say that diplo’s camp are nothing like people that you may have met at the show that were being douchebags.

  • girrrl

    I completely agree with india_1

  • schoolboy

    rofl @ the dipset singage

    if i had seen that i’m not sure if i could have stopped laughing

  • Wes Flexner

    schoolboy thanks again for everything.

  • kanai_getuh_sipodat

    the first crowd shot in this review features two under-age girls in the bottom left corner of the shot clearly drinking bottles of pbr. just sayin’…

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