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Vincent Moon/Efterklang collaboration “An Island” now available as a “Pay What You Want”

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Despite some public controversy and a bad taste left in his mouth from previous artists, Les Concerts à Emporter creator/well-known independent filmmaker Vincent Moon has continued collaborative efforts with some truly inspirational subjects.

His most recent co-release, “An Island”, was made with Danish band Efterklang and was filmed over four days with an 8-piece band on the island of Als. This lush, 124 sq. ft peninsula off the coast of Denmark served as a childhood home to members of the band.

The film was previewed before each date of the band’s European tour this past winter, and also shown at over 1,200 public-private screenings across the world during February and March.

Due to an overwhelming response to the project, “An Island” is now available to the public as a “Pay What You Want” digital download or you can pre-order the deluxe DVD. (A limited 5,000 custom-made, eco-friendly, numbered, letterpress printed deluxe covers with a DVD disc full of
bonus material.)

Both options are only available on “An Island’s” official website here.

Adriana Mundy’s Favorite Albums of 2010

It is indeed that time of year. Well, yes, it is late December aka Christmas/New Years time. However, when most people are trimming trees, dusting off their John Denver and the Muppets Christmas albums and throwing back some egg nog, music addicts/geeks alike are perusing every “Best of 2010” list they can find on the world wide web. That being said…

Two-thousand and ten was quite a whirlwind year for me. I became part of this brilliant music blog, had a crash course in promoting shows and met some pretty special people along the way. It’s safe to say the music released this year all served as an applicable soundtrack as it felt like new albums came out faster than I could digest them.

If you’ve read most of my posts, it’s apparent that I enjoy reporting on international acts that I feel deserve American attention (and also since the rest of the Donewaiting staff do such a stellar job of keeping up on everything).

On top of national and international releases, Columbus’s scene has also kept quite busy this year. Without further ado, here’s my 2010 list:

1. Efterklang, Magic Chairs
Watch: Modern Drift

Reasons why Denmark rules: 1. Efterklang 2.Christiania 3. Legoland

2. Finders Keepers CompilationPomegranates
MP3:Zia: “Helelyos”

Who can resist some 60’s Persian Pop/Funk/Psych?

3. Cate Le Bon, Me Oh My
Watch: Shoeing the Bones

Honestly didn’t know much about Cate before interviewing her earlier this year, now I can’t stop listening to her. (Oh, and this video is really wonderfully weird.) Continue reading

Interview/Review: Efterklang

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I traveled to Cleveland this past Thursday to catch Danish band Efterklang at the Beachland Tavern. This was my third time seeing them, but my first outside of a festival setting. Though I’ve seen them in Austin and Wales, this Cleveland show took the cake. I can honestly say there was no where else I would have rather been after being treated like I was that night.

Though the room was just over half full and the Tavern is the smaller of the two Beachland venues, these guys may as well have been playing to thousands in their homeland. There was no pretentiousness, not a stitch of awkwardness, just an overwhelming sense of appreciation from the musicians and the crowd. Singer Casper Clausen and bassist Rasmus Stolberg animated the stage throughout the entire set and seemed to never tire of smiling. While they somehow fit seven people (and their equipment) on stage, the richness of the music made it sound like a dozen more were behind them. There is such a difference in seeing a band that truly loves playing music for people and one that does nothing to connect with their audience. (The crowd was even asked to start up a spontaneous “Happy Birthday” for Rasmus half way through the set.)

Efterklang is the real deal. They’re technical, they’re melodic… There’s something for everyone. I was able to sit down with Casper after the show and pick his brain a bit.

You began your own label (Rumraket) in 2000 and released your music from it in the beginning. Is this something you felt you had to do or is it how you wanted to go about distributing your music?
We just really liked the feeling of doing everything. We recorded it and then were able to put this Rumraket label on it and it made us feel good to know we had done it all.
Continue reading

SXSW 2010 Thursday Recap

Efterklang’s Casper Clausen

Using the wise words of one Robert Duffy (along with perhaps a couple others), “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon,” I made a conscious effort to pace myself a bit more on Thursday. I spent the afternoon relaxing with Dan Francis of Six Gallery and friends Aficionado at a DIY house showcasing music before jumping back into the midst of the chaos.

I caught Columbus natives The Main Street Gospel at the TeePee Records party where they rocked out probably as hard as I’ve ever heard them. I then made my way to Stubb’s BBQ to catch The Soft Pack, who left me scratching my head a little bit. However, the last tune I heard before splitting did make me realize that seeing them outside was the problem, not a lack of talent. I dove in to see Jail Weddings (which includes ex-Sun member Brad Caulkin) who I’m rather sure would have played until the sun came up given the chance. Rounding out the Thursday session of supporting Columbus music, I peeked into BD Riley’s with enough time to witness Lydia Loveless entertaining Austin like an old pro.

Mark my words (I’m calling it now), Denmark’s Efterklang played a set at Buffalo Billiards that was and will be the best set of this year’s festival. All of the stars aligned to produce an amazing show that hop-scotched back and forth from gentle and keen to big and dramatic movements of music. (I think they couldn’t stop smiling because they knew they were killing it.)

As if that didn’t put me on enough of a high, I left there to enjoy Man Man playing the Billboard party. I can’t help but be wowed by the bells and whistles of their quirkiness each time I see them. To round out my evening, I was able to see Sondre Lerche (a long-time favorite) play a nostalgically wonderful hour at Central Presbyterian Church. Mr. Lerche officially wins the award for most consistently enjoyable live act since the first time I caught him six years ago.

After day two: ambition level still high, exhaustion level manageable, so let’s bring on Friday!

Win Efterklang SXSW Prize Package

MP3: Modern Drift

Efterklang, a band we’ve written about before, has a bunch of SXSW shows coming up this week. To celebrate their festival appearance, we’ve got a sweet giveaway that honestly I’d rather keep myself… but we love you readers so we’re gonna do it anyway!

One lucky person will get a vinyl test pressing of the band’s new album Magic Chairs, a copy of the CD, stickers, and whatever else Beggars finds in their warehouse. To enter the contest, send a blank e-mail to contest@donewaiting.com with the subject line: Efterklang. A winner will randomly be chosen by the end of the week.

SXSW Shows
Thursday 3/18 — 11pm — Buffalo Billiards (201 E. 6th St.) OFFICIAL SXSW
Friday 3/19 — 2pm — Danish Day Party/The Music Gym (815 E. 6th St.)
Friday 3/19 — 5pm — End of an Ear in-store (2209 S. 1st St.)
Saturday 3/20 — 6pm — SUP Party/Doc’s Motorworks (1123 S. Congress Ave.)