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Welcome New Donewaiting Writer Jessica Morgan


Introduction from Wes Flexner:

The first time I hung out with Jessica Morgan she was giving me a ride to Dirtnap and Johnny Cashola’s from Club Carma. She pulled up the corner, turned down the random Gucci Mane song and yelled to a group of black doods, “Oh no, the blue-eyed white devil has me. I can’t help it. They eat pussy. That’s their tricknology. Damn devils.” Then she peeled out. After I turned rouge from the embarrassment, I decided girl could be Sarah Silvermen x 9 ether. Makes sense.

She is Thought Set (The Catalyst, Meta4c,Envelope etc). Almost a year later Jessica approached me at Dipset Night at Spice and told me she followed my blog when she was away at school at NYU, and told me I should put her on. She was already goof-balling on the Get Right Blog as Jessica the Gawd. When she approached that night, Jessica was rocking a Barbara Kruger shirt she copped at the Pictures Generation show at the Met with my homegirl Caitlin, something about all that made me be like, ‘ www.donewaiting.com understands you babygirl’ and then we pinky swore to be besties. This Get Right review is her first blog but believe me she will around town for the next few weeks. Jessica Morgan is the person in this picture that isn’t me.


When I think of the Spice Bar certain things come to mind; douche bag guys in bad clothes and their annoying cokehead girlfriends standing around being pretentious or drunkenly dancing to shitty Flow-Rida songs and spilling my drink. Those assholes were in for a rude awakening when the Milk Bar’s Get Right took the place over for its 2 year anniversary party; Get Right shut shit down providing three rooms of DJs playing a variety of music. Continue reading

Get Right Turns 2 Tonight

This is family. I am so proud of them. Get Rights 2 Year-Anniversary @ Spice tonight.

Get Right Promoter DCKareem sez:

We are 2 years old . Oh my god i want to cry. Just want to say think you too all the people that have been there since the beginning.You know who you are!

so we have the whole clube
Yours truly Detox and Cashola in the Main room

DJ Gay Bar in the middle room

Cj Townsend and Mister Shifter on the Pation

but before you got to “Get Right” stop by Soveriegn Collective
for a FREE TATTOOS AND BOOZE for “the Savage Life Party”

Some Details……
choose from 3 designs For FREE “SAVAGE” TATTOO
DJ Sets
free alcohol

from 8-11
June 5th

Tattoos will be limited so show up early to get yours

Sovereign Collective

1042 North High Street

Donewaiting.Com Presents Party With the Universe Presents Dipset Appreciaton Night


This very website is throwing an event at Columbus’ Premier nightclub Spice Bar. This time around its Dipset Appreciation Night featuring the Catalyst covering Diplomat songs backed by Triceratops.
Myself, Johnny Cashola, & Detox will be playing all your Dipset standards throughout the evening.
Dirtnap will host.

For more info or if you have any sense of whats proper and decent during these troubled times please check out Party With the Universe Myspace

Treasure Fingers/Knave at Spice Bar Tonight

Fool’s Gold’s Treasure Fingers is dejaying at Spice tonight. For Rock N Rollerz on this site: Fool’s Gold is a label run by A-Trak. A-trak is cool cause he was on the Invisible Skratch Pikles Turntablist team when he was like 14. But he didn’t let that ruin his life. He is Kanye West’s dejay and Kid Sister’s boyfriend. So that means he prolly humps Kid Sister. Which really is quite an accomplishment for anybody who once devoted his life to three click crab scratches, flares and orbits. A-trak isn’t gonna be there. I was letting the Rock N Rolllerz on this site know what Fools Gold was.

Treasure Fingers appear to be some doods who prolly got their rave on in the 90’s and now get to come back out and appear to be hipsters. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing cause if we are gonna spend our time listening techno, I suppose we need some people who actually like the shit making it.

Sweatin Local Knave is also playing tongiht.

MP3: Knave-Grime Time Mix

Here is a remix of a Chromeo Song Treasure FIngers did.

MP3: Chromeo 100-Treasure-Fingers-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

And two other Chromeo Remixess.

MP3: Chromeo 100-Trackademicks-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

MP3: Chromep 1000-Nacho-Lovers-B-Live-Pemberton-Mix

I have been told Spice has been remodeled. And I’m not sure how I ended up relaying a message that Spice has been remodeled.